Love Handles – Why You Should Really Hate Them And What To Do About It

They might be called “love handles” – the accumulation of fat on the back and sides of the waist – but most people have anything but a loving relationship with them. Besides belly fat, love handles just might be the type of fat people want to get rid of most. And although the reason is likely that it’s not pleasing to look at, an even more important consideration for abolishing this fat is that love handles are very unhealthy.

Get rid of fat with intensity
Although many might not consider love handles to be part of stomach fat, it is in fact lumped right in there with it. Abdominal fat is the most dangerous of body fat. Cancer, heart attack, stroke, diabetes and more are all linked to excess waist fat. It’s imperative for your health and for those you love to take efforts right now to rid yourself of this fact immediately.

If you want to get rid of abdominal fat, then you have to get rid of fat all over your body. You can’t do spot reduction on your abs, so therefore all the crunches in the world while doing nothing else to address body fat, is not going to help you.

If you’re not a fan of activity, then I’m afraid to tell you that the very best way to burn fat is to move more. But going out and jogging for an hour a few times a week won’t cut it – not for any measure of fat loss. You need to do either cardio interval training and/or superset short periods of strength training to see the best results. The good news is that neither requires you spend hours at the gym. Both only require about 20 – 30 minutes of intense activity three times a week. The secret is in the intensity— short bursts of energetic exercise followed by a lower intensity recovery period. You save time and you train your body to burn fat more aggressively and efficiently. For a fantastic program helping tens of thousands that combines interval training with strength training, contains a boatload of nutritional advice and much more, we highly recommend The Truth About Six Pack Abs program.

Look to the obliques
You can thank your ability to turn and twist to your obliques, the muscles that run down the sides of your abdomen. Love handles often hide the obliques. These important muscles frame those beloved “6-pack” muscles – the ones you’ll be able to see once you get rid of stomach fat.

You want to target the obliques as part of your strength training. The best way to do so is through the following exercises: captain’s chair leg raises, bicycle crunches and vertical leg crunches.

Captain’s chair leg raises are performed on a captain’s chair, a machine found in most gyms. Bicycle crunches have you lying on your backpedaling your legs as if on a bicycle and doing crunch-twists. To do vertical crunches, lay on your back just as you would with a regular crunch but have your legs raised perpendicular to the ground. You can easily find tutorials online showing you how to do these exercises well.

Eat the right foods, not the wrong ones
Processed foods – those high in sodium and sugar – are what’s adding inches to your waistline. You can get rid of love handles by doing yourself a very big favor and getting rid of that packaged, processed “food” and trading it for whole foods instead. Foods that burn fat – yes, they actually help burn fat when you eat them – include unsalted nuts, whole grains (wheat is the least preferred of these), leafy green vegetables, salmon, olive oil, fruits, skim milk, and green tea.

All of these foods speed up your metabolism, digest slowly and keep you full longer. Not only that, but they’re tasty as well. As you eat less sugar and sodium you’ll find that you crave these ingredients less and start to appreciate whole foods, even more, making your weight loss efforts that much more productive.

Loosen up your love handles
Here’s a tip that’s easy. If your clothes are too tight, they can create the illusion of love handles. Even thin people can overflow out of pants that are too small. Wear clothes that fit you well, and enjoy the process of watching your love handles melt away as you exercise and eat the best fat burning foods.