Debt Solutions by American Debt Exchange

American debt exchange is a reputable debt settlement and management organization in The United States of America. The organization was established in the year 2008 in Texas. American debt exchange aims to revolutionize the finance and debt management sector for consumers. In the modern era, it is significant that clients only trust the most competent of companies for debt settlement and consolidation.

American Debt Exchange – Ideal Debt Solutions

American debt exchange brings relief by clients by helping them with the added interest paid on repayments. American debt exchange has bought a major change in the lives of several families. Clients with all sorts of financial problems have contacted the company during the four years of the company`s establishment. Interest forms the most horrible and terrifying part of any debt. To most clients, paying interest is exhaustive, both mentally and financially.

Stop To Harassment by Creditors – Repay Debt

Constant harassment calls by creditors demanding for their money back are immediately stopped. Once a client reaches American debt exchange, the company begins a negotiation process. Contact with the creditor is established and the company begins dealing with the creditor. A special representative from the company approaches the creditor with a set agenda, as per the needs of a client.

Debt Negotiation by American Debt Exchange

During the table talks, the creditor is convinced by a company representative on the importance of a settlement. If the creditor agrees, the client is informed.

American debt exchange has expertise in debt consolidation and debt negotiation. The consumer debt can be negotiated and lowered by as much as fifty to eighty percent.

Repayment Debt Recovery Under American Debt Exchange

Once the debt amount has been officially reduced, the repayment plan is made. This repayment plan is structured according to client`s requirement. American debt exchange collaborates with the creditor and client until the repayments are completed. The company takes pride in helping distressed consumers with all might.

Authentic Debt Solutions by American Debt Exchange

All information regarding a client and his/her debt settlement and management procedures are kept updated. The American debt exchange organization`s headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. American debt exchange organization is a signatory and member of Certified Debt Arbitrators and The Association of Settlement Companies.

American Debt Exchange Contact Information
Contact American Debt Exchange:
3333 Earhart Drive, Suite 250
Dallas, TX 75006

Phone: 1-866-857-9886



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