What Type Of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Is Best?

Motorcycle helmets are really important whenever you take your bike out for a ride. The use of this accessory will always keep you safe and prevent your head from getting seriously injured incase you face an accident. However, nowadays helmets have become much smarter than ever. Bluetooth helmets are the talk of the town. If you are planning to purchase a motorcycle helmet that comes with bluetooth integration, then make sure to take a look at these type of bluetooth helmets.

Different types of bluetooth motorcycle helmets

Bluetooth integration can be found in several kinds of helmets and all of them have their own kind of advantages and benefits of owning. You can get any one of them based on the kind of safety you need and want to experience. Here are the most popular types of bluetooth motorcycle helmet which are available in the market.

  • Full Face Helmet – a full face helmet is the safest of the lot. It provides the most coverage around the area of the head and the neck. Thus allowing your head to avoid any major injuries in case of an accident. A full face bluetooth motorcycle helmet is a versatile choice for majority of riders. Regardless of how long you are going to drive your motorcycle, a full face helmet is always a good choice for you.
  • Modular Flip-up Helmet – you can find brilliant bluetooth integration in modular flip up helmets as well. It offers a good but not full coverage around the head and neck. Since the visor and the chin bar can open up, you can open the helmet front. The movable visor offers more convenience to many riders who feel claustrophobic. However, these are a bit more heavy than full face helmets because of extra hinges.

  • Open Face Helmet – open face helmets are for those who cannot constantly wear full or modular helmets for a long time. This helmet covers the top and back side in a really efficient manner. However, the safety is drastically reduced because an open face helmet is widely open in front. You can however choose to equip a partial or full visor in front of the helmet.
  • Half Helmets – not many half helmets come with a bluetooth integration but some of them do have it. Half helmets as the name suggests covers only the top of the head and no other part around the neck. It is basically for urban safety or when you are going for a short ride. These are more comfortable and lightweight but the safety is very less on these types of helmets.

So these are the different kinds of bluetooth motorcyclel helmets that are available in the market. All these helmets are easily available but the integration of bluetooth comes at a cost. It will surely coat you more than a regular helmet.

Final Words – if you are planning to purchase a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, then you need to look for top brands because their helmets come with the best support and Bluetooth integration. There are several online sites available where you  can get some brilliant helmets at cost effective prices and enjoy a safe ride all the time.



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