Some Of The Best Lightweight Laptops Under Your Budget!

Laptops are the biggest need of today’s world as most of the things are now linked to computers; you need a good laptop to perform them efficiently. With the burgeoning need for laptops, people are demanding more sleek and portable designs and manufacturers putting more effort into developing a better design with high portability and less weight. There are some top lightweight models of laptops that are tailor-made for students and have great features too. These lightweight laptops offer you a great deal as you can store them easily and carry them wherever you want.

Some of these highly efficient laptops are even available under 100 dollars. Choosing the best lightweight laptop is a challenging task; you need to take care of various factors to select the best product. Buying a lightweight laptop can put a massive burden on your pocket, so the best way is to wait for a sale when you can get the best model at low prices. Moreover, focusing merely on weight is also not good, and as the performance of the laptop depends on the specs, and you must consider them too, along with the features. There are some fantastic models that you can consider while buying a sleek and lightweight model.

Top-notch budget laptops with a compact and lightweight design

Huawei Matebook 13

It is one of the most popular and efficient laptops that falls into the lightweight category. It comes with the i7 Intel core of8th generation. It allows them to play heavy games smoothly as it has Ultra high definition graphics by Intel 620. The great RAM of 8 GB makes your laptop unstoppable and makes the performance smooth and better. It is an upgraded version of the Matebook X  Pro and has more amazing features than it. The i7 CPU ensures that you won’t face any issue related to the performance of the laptop.

One more feature that makes it stand out in the crow is that it is highly customizable and which is the primary reason why it is one of the best lightweight ultrabooks in the market. It is available in different price ranges depends on your needs and requirements, but no matter what the price is, it is undoubtedly one of the top lightweight laptops.

Acer Swift 7

If you are looking for an immensely thin, lightweight, and compact laptop, then Acer swift 7 is totally made for you. It weighs a mere 1.2kg, and its sleek design, and thin body make it more appealing and attractive. Along with it, you get a 14-inch ultra-clear HD screen with storage of 256 GB SSD to keep all your data and documents safe and secure. It is a great innovation with a high level of security and safety of data. The screen is covered with highly tough gorilla glass that brings out the colors better. The bezel-less screen gives the display a broader and more vibrant look.

The sleek design doesn’t make you compromise with the performance as it comes with the i7 processor and is designed in such a way that produces minimal heat, keeping the system cool and efficient. One of the downfalls of this laptop is that it is not recommended to be used for tasks such as editing but is the best form of normal office work. One of the unique features of this laptop is that you get a fingerprint sensor on the power button, which enhances the level of security.

Dell XPS 13

One of the most efficient and lightweight laptops serving different purposes single-handedly. The look of this laptop is completely mesmerizing as the rose gold finish with a glossy touch in the white-colored interiors makes it worth looking twice. The manufacturers have worked a lot in the looks as they have even given lighting at the back of the keyboard to make it glow in dark rooms.

The keyboard is highly smooth and efficient. If we talk about the power and performance, then also it doesn’t lack behind as with the 8th gen i5 processor, it is giving good competition to the other laptop. The vibrant screen is perfect for watch movies and videos in high definition. The excellent battery backup allows you to use it from long sessions without worrying about running out of battery.



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