How To Get The Perfect Engagement Ring During The Festive Season

In the movies, the way men propose to their girlfriend is very romantic. If you feel that you are quite financially stable and ready to settle down, perhaps this festive season is the best time to ask the woman of your dreams to marry you. You can totally pull off the kind of proposals that are usually seen on television. What better way to show your fiance how much you love her than by proposing to her this upcoming Christmas season. However, it is not going to be without challenges.

The festive season is that time of year when people are always out shopping. With that, looking for the perfect engagement ring can be a bit tough. So we decided to list down some of our top tips on how to pick out an engagement ring that will surely melt your woman’s heart.

  1. Look For A Reputable Jewellery Store

For sure, you are not the single guy in the city who is planning to make his great announcement this coming holidays. Instinctively, there are going to be a ton of businessmen who will want to sell engagement rings not just in the mall but also the streets.

You have to choose which seller you transact with. You have to do a ton of research to come up with a list of the most reputable jewellery store in your area.

It would be helpful if you could ask for recommendations from your married friends. Ask them which jewellery store they used when they were getting ready to propose. You might not have the same taste as all of your friends but it’s good to have their contacts in handy.

  1. Ask Questions

Asking questions helps you know for sure if who you are dealing with is actually a professional jeweller or just a plain seller.

Apart from that, it will help you better understand the kind of ring that you intend to buy for your fiance. Purchasing an engagement ring is not exactly quite the same as buying new shoes or pants. You need to look beneath the ring to be able to really tell how good the quality is.

A professional jeweller can make you realize many aspects of a particular ring that you have not known before. Besides, once you set out to look for a ring, you will have to perform a lot of research but a professional jeweller can help you learn more than you can ever learn through your own effort.

  1. Tell The Jeweller Your Budget

A jeweller usually has a ton of rings hidden behind his storage room. Going through each and every one of them can be time-consuming. As a way to make things quicker, you would usually have to share your budget with the jeweller.

Based on your budget and your recent conversation, the jeweller will be able to pick some selections that could be the perfect ring for you.

  1. Keep Things Simple

It is said that the wedding day is the happiest moment in a person’s life. With that, people have the tendency to think too big and as a result, have a harder time looking for the perfect engagement ring.

Perfect does not have to refer to come in the form of big gestures. Sometimes, perfect can be represented by simple things.

Think about what you and your potential spouse would want in an engagement ring. If you can find a ring that mixes both of your preferences then that would be the perfect one.

Try to look at things from a simpler perspective. If you can’t figure out the kind of ring your woman would like, you could also ask for help from her friends. After all, as a future groom, you might be good at picking out men’s gold chains but ladies are much better at choosing jewellery.

  1. Avoid Shopping During Peak Seasons

Some people say that shopping for an engagement ring seems easy enough but everything starts to change the moment they actually go out to look for the rings.

A handy tip would be to avoid shopping during the peak seasons. You have to avoid it at all costs because this is the time when stores are usually crowded. It’s either the jeweller would not have the convenience to accommodate you or the ring that you want would already be sold at that time. Basically, looking for a good engagement ring is just plain difficult at this time.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.