Develop Your Fundraising And Donor Relationships

As we see how a fundraiser depends upon the donors, it’s really important the relationship between them is enhanced over time. Improving the relationship between the fundraiser and the donor will ultimately generate more revenue. Moreover, this approach can also help you in increasing the transparency of the organization, resulting in better donor relations.

Here are some tips that can be used to better your relationship with your donors:

  • Retention rate of donors

An organizations donor retention rate determines the fact how successfully the nonprofit is going on. A high retention rate indicates that the organization is repeatedly getting donations from its donors. This also shows how the donors believe in the organizations motto and vision.

The organization should keep an eye on this and create regular report of this data. This data would come in handy while the organization try to increase their retention rate.

Several fundraising software are there that will provide you with all the necessary data. They monitor the retention rate and the organization’s performance on daily basis. With this regular data you can work on your weak areas that will help you expand your relationship with the donors.

  • Donor history

You should always have the history of how the way donors interact with your organization. This will depict the engagement factors that affect the donors. You can ask them to interact with your organization in some way or another.

With several fundraising software you can create a timeline of all the actions of your donors that affect your organization and your relationship with the donor.

  • Factors of engagement

As you get to know how the donors engage with the organization and how active they are you can focus more on important donors. As many fundraisers tend to prioritize the donors which donate more amount which is very big mistake.

A donor can be linked to the organization in more than one way. They could be attending your events or may be volunteering in them which is equally important.  Here you can use fundraising software that could track their engagement and this way you get to know how much effort the donors are putting into your organization.

  • Communication

Keeping in touch with your donors is also an important task to maintain the relationship. Choosing a messaging platform is no doubt a good idea for this. This will surely save you some time and increase the credibility of your organization.

Replying to their emails and inquiries will surely boost their confidence in you which will further enhance the relationship between you two.

  • Social media platforms

Using social media platforms is definitely going to expand your organization’s authenticity. You can share your donors’ stories and how they have helped you with your goal. This not only motivates the current donors but also the people who see their efforts.

Several tools can be used monitor the performance of your social media accounts as well which is going to help you in knowing the areas that you need to improve in.

  • Timely surveys

Lastly, timely surveys is a good way to measure how healthy your relationship are with your donors. You can ask them to give you feedback and therefore improving the area that your donors are not satisfied with. Even if they don’t respond back your efforts will show how you value them.

These are the points which one can consider in order to improve the relationship between the fundraiser and the donor.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.