Choosing Blogging Courses To Becoming Bloggers:All That You Need To Know

Gone are the days where man followed a simple career path, keeping aside passions and dreams. Modern day career horizons are not only limited to getting degrees but people today like to work in areas they have interest for and want to gain large amounts of money and fame especially over the internet. This concept gives rise to the advent of blogging.Moreover individuals today have a variety of topics to discuss and want to voice their opinions on these in an effective manner. A blog is mainly a weblog i.e. an information chronicle on the internet written in a diary style. Such websites present the latest entries first and follow the other entries in a reverse order.These excerpts are visible on worldwide platforms.


Bloggers have different stories, come from different backgrounds and preach on different topics. Ariana Huffington, Peter Rojas, Brian Fishkin, Brian Clark are some famous bloggers who have made huge monetary earnings.

Blogging courses

The upsurge of such an activity over the internet is gaining much more importance in the recent years with more and more people being interested in reading and writing blogs. This intensifies on the introduction and popularization of blogging courses. As the global competition among bloggers is also on the rise, an effective knowledge of blogging is an invariable necessity for bloggers. To be in pioneer positions of blogging and making money future bloggers thus, are looking forward to blogging courses.

A typical blogging course educates on multiple aspects of blogging say, the working of blogs along with the effective topics for them, planning of posts, software of blogging, dealing with comments and building communities.

Some blogging courses

The super affiliate system 2.0 by John Crestani is one such mechanism where one can get 50 hours of video tutorials in 6 weeks and become a success at affiliate online marketing in 198 Australian Dollars. The teaching starts with the basics of laying the foundation for the required mindset followed by the delivery of the knowledge needed for social networking ads like Facebook Ads. The final module the person taking the course can implement the understandings into work and earn in thousands and lacs. Such a system was developed by John Crestani who himself was once in search of making millions through such online suites.

Another famous blogging course is “Blog for a Living” which is created by Theo McArthur. It claims to teach the creation of proper blogs right from the scratch. It also aims to benefit the users in the way of monetizing the blogs with Amazon programs and digital products of high commission. It also yields knowledge for building on email subscribers from the blogs apart from some other benefits. The course comes for about 9000INR.

Choose the best blogging courses

Blogging courses are available as both free and paid ones but choosing the right one can be a tough bet sometimes when there are a variety of options. Deciding on the blogging course in the best possible way can help a blogger turn into a full time participant who can then make handsome amount of bucks from such a writing exercise.Most of these courses last about a month to two. While it is not bad to learn from newbies of the blogging arena its always better to learn from the ones who have actually walked the walks.

Some of the key positives to look for in a blogging course are-

  • It is time efficient
  • Easily delivered and is understandable by the user
  • Helps in determining theme and structure
  • Is cost effective
  • Gives adequate information dealing with social media networks
  • Gives details of using software and the language for writing blogs
  • It addresses the queries and doubts of the user
  • It is non-ambiguous and non-exhaustive
  • Gives idea on proper platforms to showcase such blogs
  • Educates on the art of handling comments and writing etiquettes


Blogging is a modern day trend of writing diary type contents and publishing online for the purposes of global recognition and money making.With increased demands of blog matters the numbers of bloggers are also increasing. Subsequently there is a heavy chaos of choosing a blogging course for holding an ace above the rest of the participants in the blogging zone. Hence opting for a cost efficient yet fruitful course is crucial. Certain factors are thus required to be considered before selecting a course for becoming a blogger. A safe bet always includes choosing a course which enlightens on all the key parameters of focus instead of targeting on certain points only.Nevertheless one should also check if the course is delivered by someone who already has faced the challenges and is well familiar with the blogging scenario.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.