5 Free Ways To Increase Website Traffic And Make More Money

Making a website involves a lot of investment in terms of thought, effort, and money. It is a tedious task. Once done, it is fair to expect some return out of this venture. Any good businessperson knows that just making a website and then having no visitors is no good. Visitors equals sales.

It is a simple permutation. If your website reaches a greater audience, then more people are likely to visit it. Greater the number of people who visit the website, the higher the chances of people getting impressed by your service or product. Finally, the more people you impress, the greater your chances of sealing the deal!

Now, there are many ways of increasing your website traffic and sales. Some involve money, while others do not. In this article, we look at five free ways in which you can bring more people to your website and make more money-

  1. Make your Website User-Friendly

Today, a website has become drastically more complex than a single page and some text. While it is possible to hire professional web-developers and create your own website from scratch, there are also several services which provide free website templates. Whatever method you choose, your aim should be to make your visitors stay at your website for long. To achieve this, it is important to give them an insightful, engaging, and comfortable experience.

Listening to and taking reviews from your users can go a long way in making your website user-friendly and increasing your revenues. Studies have shown that visitors expect sites to load at a lightning-fast speed. They also need in-depth and clear information in a format that doesn’t overburden them. Placing a tab on the top, which can make navigation easier and has the mostimportant categories, thus becomes essential. Choosing the right colour pallet is also important for sending the user-experience. The colours should match the essence of your product/service and should make the content easy to access. Also, give importance to where you place your contact details and call-to-action buttons. These are important tools to convert your visitors into potential customers.

  1. Create Unique and Engaging Content Regularly

Let us begin by asking a simple question- what is content? Well, anything that we see on a screen is content! Typed letters, graphics, videos, audios- all these are different types of website content. The quality of this content defines and affects the real targetted traffic that any website receives. Website content that is unique, informative, and creative engages visitors the best. The best way in which you can engage with your visitors is through content. If they are impressed by your content, then they can become customers of your service/product.

Good content writing paints a picture. It helps in describing your business to your visitors. Content helps in educating your audience. It answers the questions that the audience might have about your products and brand. It can sell. Highlighting the uniqueness, benefits, application, and specifics of your product is all a part of content writing. How this information is portrayed decides your sale. It is important to make a balance of just enough information- not too much and not too little.

Many websites have a segment of the blog, where most of the content writing takes place. This is where writers write articles that correspond to the service/product that the website is offering. This fulfils a dual-task; it gives information to the readers and also increases the chances of sale for the businessperson.

  1. Rank High in Search Engines

Search engine optimisation is an important tool used for ranking high in search engines. It allows your site to be seen whenever someone searches for something similar to the service/product you are selling. There are certain tricks that, when followed, can make you rank high in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bingo, DuckDuckGo, C C Search, Gibiru, Internet Archive, and Yandex.

Keywords play an important role in SEO. Identify the phrases that users are searching for and then make use of those phrases in your content. Ensure that your content is divided into headlines and is not too long. Make proper use of sentences of varying lengths. Make sure that your content has proper metadata, the description that appears under your website’s URL. Also, ensure that other websites are linking your content. This increases the validity of your website and makes it trustworthy for Google.

  1. Occupy Social Media Platforms and Plan Campaigns

Today businesses are not limited to just a website. Businesses are being run on different social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Businesspersons are rapidly trying to increase their presence on each and every social media platform. Social media presence depends on likes, comments, shares, views, and follows. It is important to utilise these platforms to the best extent for your brand. Make use of diverse types of content, including videos, audios, texts, and images, to engage with audiences in different platforms. This helps in increasing the real targetted traffic and earning new followers for your business.

These platforms are an important medium of initiating campaigns. Lately, campaigns are being used to establish relationships with your customer base and increase sales. They are a direct and powerful way to have conversations, get feedback, and increase profit.

  1. Utilise your Mail 

One very easy way of increasing the presence of your brand is by judiciously utilising your mail. Your first step should be the addition of your brand’s name as a footer to your mail. Make a template that ensures that every mail you send has the name and possibly the logo of your brand in it. You send so many emails each day, and if you do this, then so many people will see our brand. It is a possibility that this can spark an interest in your brand in at least some of them.

Another thing that you can do is to have a mailing list. Make a database of the email address of all your past or potential customers and send them periodic newsletters containing information about your brand. This will keep them interested and engaged.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.