Better Instagram Marketing Tips For Businesses

An Instagram account is vital for any business these days. It’s like a portable market for your customers, making it too popular to ignore. And creating an account is not enough you are required to maintain and update it on regular basis as well.

Here are the essential tips that will surely help you boost your marketing on Instagram.

  • Understand your audience

This is the first and the most important step of all. You must be aware of your target audience as you post your content on Instagram. It’s really important that what you create is appealing to your audience.

With tools like Instagram insight you can get precise data of the users’ interaction with your account. With Instagram insight you can get

  1. Then number of views on your content
  2. Number of accounts that viewed your content
  3. Clicks on your website link through your profile
  4. Your followers daily activity
  5. How many people saved your videos

Monitoring Instagram feed and using these tools will surely help you in knowing what your target audience wants and what their feedbacks are.

  • Interact with them

It’s really important that you interact with your followers and not spam them with your content which is going to frustrate them eventually.  It’s really necessary that you engage with your followers time to time.

You can host contests or give-away time to time or you can share their images with your products. These will make your business look more authentic and friendly. This is another way to increase your market as well.

You can ask your audience to interact with you. People love to post witty comments and this sometimes encourages healthy competition among your followers.

  • Use hashtags smartly

Using hashtags is an important way to organize and categorize your posts in public feed. Using suitable tags makes it easier for your followers to find any post. It has become mandatory these days to use hashtags with every post.

You are required to follow certain protocols while using hashtags as well:

  1. You can’t use hashtags unnecessarily as using it randomly won’t do you any good.
  2. Overdoing this hashtag thing is another annoying practice that is done.
  3. You need to keep them precise to the content as well, it won’t be beneficial at all.

  • Timings of your posts

According to a recent poll it has been found that the best time to post anything on Instagram is between 7-9 P.M. So if possible you can post your content at that time only.

However this is not always going to differ depending on your business profile. Here you can use social listening tools which monitors your post’s performance. These tools helps you in tracking the amount of engagement with a post at certain time and date. This data will surely help you with your timings.

Moreover posting stuff during lunch hours or weekends is always a good time as people tend to use their mobile phones more during this time.

  • Create catchy visuals

Posting content is what online marketing is all about. Be it sharing links, posting articles, sharing conversations and so on. But with Instagram it begins and end with images. It’s really important for any business to post attractive and beautiful images on your feed.

Choosing an underlying theme is really important before posting anything that is going to help you in interacting with your followers.

Posting quote photos is always a popular option as it doesn’t have to be original and with a nice quote your followers will be happy to share that in their stories as well.

Other than all this using several tools like Phonto, Typorama or Canva can help you enhance your image quality.

  • Tell stories

As an Instagram user everyone is familiar with the story feature. As it sits on the top of the feed it is really vital to use this feature for marketing.  You can post several engaging photos that will you getting your followers’ attention.

Stories are different from your regular post as they get erased after every 24 hours. As these images covers full screen there’s no caption required. And the comment section is not public.

  • Work with influencers

Working with influencers is another way to fast track your marketing process. With their huge following they tend to provide a lot of followers to your business over time. You just need to get a good Instagram influencer that fulfills your business criteria and boosts your business’ credibility.

However, most of these authentic influencers are paid but they provide value for every penny that you give them. You just have make sure you use them creatively.

These are the tips that are going to help you with your marketing campaign all along. Following them would surely boost your business and marketing campaign. You can check these guys out for a better understanding of marketing tips as well.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.