Auto Insurance Benefits Every Driver Should Have

No news is good news? That’s generally how I feel about mail from my auto insurance company. All they regularly send me is bills. Occasionally, my auto insurance company sends a policy update, usually a new exclusionary clause they’ve dreamed up to serve their interest at my expense. So imagine my delight when I opened my mail and found a notice from my auto insurance company informing me of new free benefits that actually sound fair and useful. Wow!

If you need to make a phone call, make it now. Once a lot of folks start reading this article, phone lines may be jammed from coast to coast as drivers seek to pry these benefits out of their own auto insurance companies.

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Here is a description of the three exciting new benefits my auto insurance company is providing to me for free and which you may want to look into obtaining for yourself:

Fender Bender Forgiveness

No fault auto insurance does not really mean no fault insurance for you the insured. Oh, sure, the parties to an accident get their claims covered no matter who was at fault. But there are repercussions, which stem directly from a determination of who was at fault. First, if the auto insurance companies (yours and the other driver’s) decide that you were at fault, you will have to cover the deductible on your policy out of pocket. Second, you will likely see your premiums rise next time your auto insurance is renewed.

Who is at fault thus does matter even in the no fault climate. And it is really a case of appearances, not realities. If your insurance adjuster is wimpy and the other guy’s is a bully, you can get blamed for an accident you didn’t cause and end up paying for it for a long time to come.

Fender bender forgiveness is a benefit recently adopted by my insurance company that remedies this situation. To thank me and presumably others like me for being loyal customers, my insurance company has adopted a policy of not increasing premiums based on minor accidents, regardless of fault.

Minor Violation Forgiveness

Unlike accidents, drivers have complete control over moving violations. However, being the imperfect creatures that we are, we do sometimes make mistakes. Driving 90 m.p.h. in a 40 m.p.h. zone is not what we’re talking about here. But let’s say you missed the “no turn on red” sign or exceeded the speed limit by 10 m.p.h. It’s bad enough to face a fine, do you really need to pay an extra premium for the next three years?

Minor violation forgiveness is a benefit that excuses one minor mistake before that extra premium kicks in.

Accident Forgiveness

Accident forgiveness is the best new benefit of all, though it isn’t available to everybody. This benefit is offered to 5 year customers of my auto insurance company who have had no accidents or major violations in the past three years. This benefit forgives the first at-fault accident of such drivers, assuring them that no surcharge will be added to their premiums.




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