How Technology Provides Great Security for Households today

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro when we reviewed it have yield outstanding results. It helps homeowners know who’s ringing the doorbell before opening the door. That’s by capturing a video of the person outside the door, then sending it to the homeowner through a wireless intercom. And that’s how it keeps everybody inside a home safe from unwelcome people.

But wireless video intercom systems aren’t the only piece of technology that offers great home safety and security. There are other options that offer unique functionalities as well. All for keeping your family and belongings safe from mishaps.

See how Technology Protects many Households from Mishaps

Security and safety are valuable factors any homeowner shouldn’t set aside. It keeps everybody in the family safe while keeping ill-intentioned people at bay. That’s why you must know the best devices which provide such perks today. And to help you get started,  here are few ways on how those devices help any household :

Sense the Presence of an Intruder

It’s easy to find devices that can detect motion or body heat today. When somebody passes near these devices, for example, they give off loud alarming sound or flood bright lights on the spot. That would easily deter an intruder from going further inside while alerting you about somebody trying to break in.

Capture an Intruder on Cam

It’s not enough to know that somebody is trying to break inside your home; only that the alarm deters their plans. You must know who are those intruders too. Thankfully, security cameras are getting more and more affordable today, and are easy to use for any homeowners. In fact, you can purchase any high-quality digital camera, hide it somewhere in your house and give it good power supply. That would help you record the face of an intruder who plans to come inside.

Convenient Notification Regardless of where you are

Say, the intruder has figured out when are you leaving the home, and he plans to break in while your away. Advanced security devices have some ways to handle such scenarios. When the motion sensor detects the intruder, for example, it will automatically send an alert to your smartphone. Some systems even allow sending live video clips or feeds.

Remote Control Advantage

After receiving notification from your security system, you can control it remotely regardless of your location. However, your smartphone must remain connected to the internet to pull this off. You can then make the system produce a loud alarm. Or, the smartphone app would help you connect with authorities immediately.

Advance Lock Mechanism

It’s easy to find advance locks today as well. These are locks that don’t function using physical keys. Instead, you can lock or unlock them using fingerprints or code. Similar to the unlocking concept of your smartphone’s lock screen.

Code operated locks mean you need to encode the password for it to open. Many locks are connected to apps so you can open them using smartphones. But if you want a more convenient choice, install a fingerprint lock scanner so you only have to press your finger to open the lock.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Lastly, you must keep your household safe from fire and suffocation too. An efficiently working smoke and carbon monoxide alarm alert you when it detects undesirable changes in the atmosphere. So, you and your family can immediately move accordingly.  Alarms connected to smartphone apps are available for long-distance alerts as well.

Each of these security and safety devices is great. But it’s best to use them all together in your system for superior protection in your household. Purchase the right devices and have them installed professionally for proper setup.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.