A 12-App Guide To Stream Movies And Tv Shows For Free And Also Legally

Long gone is the time when we would wait for a tv show or a movie to be telecasted on TV to enjoy them. Let bygone be bygone because, with the dawn of technology, we are not bestowed with an umpteen number of online services which lets us stream a lot of entertainment at our convenience.

Thus, in this article, we shall look at some of the apps that allow us to stream tv shows and movies legally. Because, what stops us from streaming online? Money and Piracy issues.


This is an app owned by Sony. It facilitates its viewers with a multitude of tv shows and movies. What makes it more desirable is the fact you don’t have to sign in to stream videos. It just needs installation. A lot of viewers would say “Must be containing a lot of ads!” Not. It is ad-free with only some videos having ads. However, it needs a fast internet connection to function properly and uninterrupted.


It is an unequivocally excellent online app that allows you to stream for free, legally. Its unique characteristic is the categorization of the content into specific genres thus helping the viewers in finding content as per their choice.


Sounds like Netflix? Yes, but it is slightly different. Often referred to as “ A good alternative to Netflix”, it has amazing content and has a separate column for recently added. However, where Netflix is available universally, PopcornFlix is limited to certain regions.


It is an all-in-one app with an amalgamation of attributes from Social media websites as well as online apps free movie and tv apps. You can comment on videos (resembling youtube) and add a reaction (like facebook). What also makes it different is the availability of anime. Thus, all the anime lovers, this is the place for you.


This app is slightly different in it’s functioning than other apps available. It acts as a search engine that allows you to stream videos and movies from different sources thus making the task less taxing. Not only this, but it also gives personalized suggestions and is very convenient to use available on both – Android and iOS.


This is an amazing app which encapsulates content from over 100 live channels. While these channels develop independent content, PlutoTV is also affiliated to major channels like CBS and NBC.

Where options for movies are also available, they are highly limited hence it is mostly an app for TV shows.

Internet Archive

We’ve heard about google archive. But even internet archives exist. How does it work? It is the largest online domain database of public domain content. You can easily access the movie database from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. It also encompasses self -generated content.

In this techno paced era, religion is not given much prominence and promotion. However, the Internet Archive has a separate section for religiously and spiritually motivated content thus standing out to be different.

But are you someone yearning for newly-released content? Yes, then Internet Archive is not the place for you since it concerns itself with older movies, tv shows, and independent content.


Hotstar is the largest streaming platform prevalent in India. Owned by Star, it broadcasts all the shows of the channel.

While Bollywood is the prime focus of this app, there are certain specific options available in Hollywood as well. It gives the download option which allows you to watch shows while you’re travelling or when you don’t have an established net connection. What more? It gives you a way through which can give a title to your wishlist.


This app is not restricted to streaming movies and tv shows for free. It is a total media package. What does the total medial package entail? Well, Kodi allows you to watch tv shows and movies, listen to music and also access your photo gallery from your phone? However, it does not sponsor or provide you with independent content. You can install apps of your choice and view content therein.


Owned by ColorsTv, this app has a separate and a prodigious fanbase in India. It telecasts all the programs sponsored by Colors and also some Bollywood movies. It has not yet entered the Hollywood stream which we are sure will enter soon.

Bigstar movies 

Craving for original content? Bigstar movies host hundreds of independent films and documentaries. There are award-winning films and documentaries. While it is available for free, there is a paid version available too.

So, if you have an acumen for originality and non-fiction, this is the best-fit app for you.


Last but not least, YOUTUBE. One of India’s fastest growing online platform streaming movies, videos and daily soaps for free.

Like Bigstar, this app is also famous for the original content produced by its content creators. It offers a wide range of variety. Where some creators specialize in comedy others specialize in philosophy.

Movies and tv shows are also available. However, to my disquiet, they are limited and few. This app is easy to use and universally available.

This was a list of most known 12 apps that help you view movies and tv shows for free and legally. Where there are certain cons in them, the pros are incomparable.

However, if money is not a constraint for you, you can also use this amazing online platform named CyberFlix APK

CyberFlix APK 

Are you tired of searching application for movie streaming? This is the most usable and amazing app which provides direct links to APK files thus you don’t have to spend hours pondering on how to download a specific movie for a serene watch. Where you can download and use this app for free, to use it uninsured and secure, you’ll have to spare a few bucks. But trust me, it’s worth it.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.