The Bitcoin Crash And Revival – Fact Or Fiction?

Bitcoin is currently sitting below $10,000 which takes everyone to that medieval conclusion, is Bitcoin experiencing a major crash?

That minor downfall of BTC in 2018 has now spiraled into a never-ending crash of Bitcoin. Well, Bitcoin, which is considered as the king of cryptocurrencies has actually started out in zero value in 2009 and just gained its value by 2011. It spiked with price ranges that jump from $3 to $30. The first ever gigantic jump was when Bitcoin’s price was capped at a momentous $266. It was disruptive and explosive and because of that, more people have shown interest in dieser Bitcoin bot and are seeing exponential gains in their Bitcoin investments.

In 2017, Bitcoin was able to yet again breach the status quo and reached an all-time high of $18,000. However, starting 2018, Bitcoin seems to be going the opposite direction which troubles investors – is Bitcoin crashing?

Will Bitcoin Crash?

Is the Bitcoin bubble burst happening now? In 2018, you would see that the value of the lead cryptocurrency has spiraled down from $18,000 to just $6,000. That is a long way down. Even though Bitcoin has been having price swings for a couple of years, it was only now that people are worried about Bitcoin crashing.

Experts argue that because cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin depend on real-word demand for its value, the fact that it is highly volatile make these crash and burn scenarios predictable or natural.  Bitcoin, as the stable cryptocurrency actually affects the value of other digital cash as well. It may drag or pull up other digital coins depending on the direction it goes.

The fact is that cryptocurrencies are unpredictable and can experience highs and lows at any time. There are different factors that affect how markets and economies behave and this affects not just Bitcoin but all other investment tools as well.

While there have been predictions or forecasts of Bitcoin crashes or questions of whether it’s going to recover or not, the fact remains that anything can happen at any point in time. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been known to be volatile so the price changes can mean anything. There can be no way to predict with precision as to the direction Bitcoin is heading.

Crypto enthusiasts, experts, and economists might be your best bet to get the right information. However, with your investment strategies and decisions, you still get to call the shots. Yes, there is no 100% certainty to the future of Bitcoin.

The Good

Bitcoin is powered by blockchains which fuels up this cryptocurrency. It might be hard to believe that Bitcoin will crash considering that many giant companies have invested millions of dollars into developing their own versions of the incorruptible blockchain technology.

The beauty of Bitcins is that it’s scarce and versatile. The scarcity or limited feature actually makes Bitcoin very valuable and increases its price. This speaks volumes of how in-demand Bitcoin is in the cryptocurrency arena. It has now entered mainstream and it might be just an unlucky streak that some people are seeing the likelihood of Bitcoin crashing.

The Bad

Two of the main reasons for Bitcoin’s sudden decline are security issues and bad publicity. Some experts are saying that Bitcoin isn’t just crashing but it’s going to reach zero in value. This means that those who are HODLing might actually experience a huge loss of revenue in the coming years. A lot of wash trades or scams could happen in the effort to keep Bitcoin alive.

Bitcoin might now be experiencing a bubble burst which started from its inception way back in 2009 until 2017. Bitcoin experienced a slow yet steady growth in this period. Then came the period where everyone just want to go day trading and make quick returns or profit out their investments in the fear that things might go the opposite direction the next day. Now, Bitcoin is said to be experiencing the crash which began in 2018. Is the boat sinking for this prime cryptocurrency?

Will Bitcoin Recover?

With its dramatic plunge, is it going to go to tougher waters next year or is it going through the calm phase and recovering anytime soon?

It’s a very turbulent phase for Bitcoin and other digital coins right now but many experts would think that it may be at its building phase at the moment to support the supposed next big wave for BTC. While it may remain bearish this year, but the regulatory enforcements would definitely pull the price values up especially in the United States. Bitcoin adoption is making things happen for a lot of traders and investors out there.

Harder times could be ahead but it would stabilize and recover as many people still have faith in the Bitcoin technology and sees it as a store of value. This is what could make or break the myths and reinvigorate the facts in line with the spikes in the rise and fall of Bitcoin prices.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.