How Can These Top Birthday Party Games Make Your Child’s Day?

Kid’s parties are the perfect way to make your child’s day. Indeed, hosting a child’s birthday is never easy. It’s a responsibility that most of the parents take to make their child’s day special. With lots of incredible ideas, it is always challenging to choose the perfect games. Every parent wants to bring joy to their children’s birthday, and that is why they are worried about selecting the right ones.

If you are a parent and planning for your child’s birthday, then this is the right place to know about the best birthday party games. In the guide, you will come to know about them and how these games are played. Each one of them is an all-time favorite and will make your kid’s day mesmerizing. Let us discuss the games below.

  • Prize walk

If your kid has an age of around 2 to 4 years, then this game is perfect. You have to make a chart that displays a number from one to thirty. Stick the chart to the ground and then make a smaller chit of the same numbers and shuffle the chits in the basket. Now, it is time to play the game, and you have to play some music and tell the group of children to make a circle and move on the chart. When the music stops, every child will be standing on any number. Now, you have to pick a chit from the basket, and if the number chosen by you is as same as of the child’s, then he/she will get a prize.

  • Musical chairs

One of the most played games in the parties is musical chairs. Make a circle of the chairs and always remember that the chairs must be one less than the number of kids. You can start the music to begin the game, and the kids will go around those chairs, and when the music stops, they have to sit on one. If a child is not able to get one, then he/she will be out. If you are looking for an indoor game, then you can choose never have i ever drinking games. The drinks can be in the form of some milkshakes, soft drinks, and your chosen ones.

  • Carrying lemon with a spoon

Looking for something interesting, then this game is for you. One has to place two tables at a certain distance. Always remember that they must be away from each other. On one table, you have to place a spoon and lemons in the bowl. On the other hand, the second table will have empty bowls. The game can be played between many kids as they have to pick the spoon from their mouths with a lemon placed on it, and then carry it to the other spot without dropping the lemon.

  • Three-legged race

If you have plenty of space to add some outdoor games on the list, then there is nothing better than a three-legged competition. Those who don’t have one they can go for never have i ever drinking games. In the three-legged game, the legs of two kids are tied together, and the first group reaches the finish line first wins.

To summarize, all these are the top birthday party games that will make your child’s day special. Each game is perfect, and you can add any of them without any trouble.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.