How to Get World of Warcraft Without Paying a Dime

World of Warcraft is an increasingly popular online role-playing game, and is quite easily the biggest online role-playing game. The problem is, though, that too many people aren’t able to play the game either because it costs too much to buy the game and start playing, or they’re not interested in paying the monthly subscription to continue using the fast Blizzard servers online.

There are ways around this, however, as I discovered a few months ago when I started playing on test realms. Playing on the Blizzard realms gets kind of old. It’s hard to find good end-game pvp content because either not everyone has a level 70 character geared up and ready to go, or more people were interested in getting new characters of different classes up to level 70. Of course though, on private realms you don’t run into this problem, as the game is really based around PVP on most private realms.

All of these private realms are completely free, and you can find a complete list on extreme top 100, by simply searching Google for “top world of warcraft private realms”. These servers are free and will require no subscription, like the Blizzard servers do. You won’t need to set up any information using a credit card, or any other payment methods. Simply change your realm list connection, create a free account, and start playing.

If you’re someone who hasn’t already purchased the game, you may run into a problem or two. You will need to have a certain version of the game already downloaded and installed on your computer to play these private realms. However, it’s not completely necessary that you have a Blizzard account. When you purchase the video game box set, you’re basically paying for the Blizzard account, not necessarily for the game download. You can take the discs from a friend that has them, and install the game. You won’t need a CD key or anything, since you won’t be connecting to Blizzard servers. Simply get the correct patch, change the realm that the game connects to (you can learn how to do this from the web sites of most private realms), and start playing for free!

I’m sure that the core WoW files could be found somewhere online, either through the use of file sharing programs or torrent searches. Otherwise, just purchase the box set of the game, and don’t worry about having to pay monthly fees, unless you want to go through the trouble of paying for the real Blizzard servers. Please note that there are other servers out there though that are nearly the exact same as Blizzard servers in speed, with a few tweaks to make them better, and are free!

Please note that I am not recommending everyone to go and illegally install multiple versions of the game, or burn and distribute copies of the World of Warcraft game. I am simply stating that it’s possible. Playing World of Warcraft private realms, however, is not illegal on your part and I would recommend it on any possibility that you’re interested in playing on a non-blizzard server. Also, you can look for Terraria server hosting for affordable prices which is great way of improving your gameplay and skills. You get a really seamless gaming experience. Be it Warcraft or any other game you can enjoy games fully.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.