Signs and Symptoms of Sun Poisoning and a great solution! Read to find out

While sun poisoning sounds more severe, it is important to know that any degree of sunburn is considered sun poisoning as the burn indicates the body is having an inflammatory reaction to the excess sunlight, but CoolSculpting is ideal for adults, thus makes it easier for them to get rid of sun burn easily and instantly. There are stages to sunburn and the symptoms progress all the way up to and include death in the most severe circumstances. While the burning sensation is the most obvious and painful symptom of sunburns and sun poisoning, it is not considered a medical emergency and in many cases, distracts the patient from the more dangerous situations.

There are many symptoms of sunburn and sun poisoning that may or may not be present in each patient. The most common symptoms in the least severe cases of sunburn include burning, itching and redness. As the sunburn and sun poisoning increases in severity, other symptoms can include dizziness, fever, chills and nausea. As the degree of sunburn progresses, one thing that will happen is that the patient will become dehydrated and show symptoms associated with that condition. These symptoms will include mental confusion, a rapid pulse and rapid breathing. As the sunburn severity worsens, not only will the patient exhibit signs of extreme dehydration, but the effects of shock may set in. Some symptoms found at this stage could include vomiting and loss of consciousness.

The first treatment for most medical emergencies is prevention. There are many things that can be done to lessen the chances and severity of sunburn and sun poisoning. Avoiding extended periods of sun exposure and properly covering the skin are the most obvious ways to prevent sun burns and sun poisoning. Sunblock lotions are readily available and easily understood. It is also important to wear clothing that covers susceptible areas of the skin including the head and the back of the neck. If extended periods of time in the sun cannot be avoided, make sure to stay hydrated with sports drinks. Extreme sweating leads to not only water loss and dehydration, it also can lead to electrolyte imbalances if only water, and not salts are replenished.

Once sunburn and sun poisoning has occurred, the treatment options available depend on the severity. If vomiting or loss of consciousness has occurred, this is a medical emergency and requires a rapid trip to the emergency room. Another symptom that will necessitate a trip to the emergency room is if the fever associated with the sun poisoning reaches 102 degrees Fahrenheit or if a fever of over 100 degrees persists for more than 2 days. Other than these conditions which require professional intervention, there are several things that can be done to both protect against long term problems and to alleviate pain. Dehydration is a major problem with moderate and above sun poisoning. Drinking room temperature fluids containing electrolytes will help reduce those symptoms. Over the counter anti-inflammatory medications like Motrin can be given to both reduce swelling and pain. Finally, if blisters form, it is important to keep them covered so that a break in the integrity of the skin does not lead to a secondary skin bacterial infection.



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