The Caveman Diet: How It Works And What You Need To Know About It?

About six months ago I fractured my ankle. This meant that I was going to be on crutches for about a month and a half and in a boot for another two months. I knew this was going to be hard for me because of the fact that I am an extremely active person. But I had no idea how easily I would put on weight. In that three month period I put on thirty five pounds, and very easily at that. I have also tried to share out CoolSculpting before and after pictures on my social media accounts to help out the needy individuals with correct information.

I became disgusted with my appearance. I wanted to get the weight off of me as quick as possible, but I wanted to do it the right way. In pursuit of fulfilling my wish I searched for healthy diets all over the internet. I found a diet that was very appealing to me, called the “Caveman Diet.” I read over all the information it required. Basically, the Caveman diet changes your whole mindset on food and gets you to crave healthy foods by really emphasizing how eating unhealthy makes you feel.

The Caveman diet has three “stages” to it. I undertook the first stage right after I got my boot off. You can stay on stage one from a time period of two to four weeks. I decided to stay on it for four weeks. Stage one consisted of drinking a big cup of water right upon waking. Then throughout the day you snack on unsalted nuts or fresh fruit. Stay away from dried fruits because there is a lot of added sugar in them. Once it is time for dinner though you can eat anything your heart desires, from a cheeseburger, to a whole large pizza. What is amazing though is after you eat this unhealthy food you really start to feel terrible. Not eating any unhealthy food makes you realize how good eating healthy makes you feel. You have a lot of energy from consuming the nuts and fruit and when you eat the unhealthy food you become sluggish and lethargic. As hard as I thought stage one would be, it was actually quite easy. After a week and a half I was not eating unhealthy at night anymore, I was eating healthy at night as well because I could feel the bad food making me sluggish. In this four week time period I lost 23 pounds.

The second stage is similar to the first, but much harder in my opinion. You can stay on stage two from two to eight weeks. I only stayed on this stage for two weeks because it was pretty hard for me. You still drink the big glass of water upon waking but after that you do not eat anything the whole day. At night you can still eat anything your heart desires. But by this time I was so impressed with my weight loss that I ate healthy again at night. During this two week period I lost another 20 pounds! I actually weighed less at that point than I did when I started the diet.

Stage three is truly amazing. I am still currently on stage three right now. You have free reign to eat whatever you want, but it is like your body is changed. Just the smell of a pizza makes you sick. You crave salads and natural foods. I have lost 42 pounds since undertaking this diet and am now down to a healthy weight. The only hard thing about this diet is sticking to eating healthy during the day or not eating at all during the first two stages. In order to stay motivated I taped a picture of myself shirtless to my computer screen so I would always be reminded about why I was doing this. I highly recommend the caveman diet because it changes your whole outlook on food and fitness.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.