Top Online Marketing Strategies Insurance Companies Implement

Today, digital or online marketing is almost always necessary for any business. But online marketing is a huge field which involves tons of recommended techniques, strategies and style. Hence, if you’re heading a marketing campaign for an insurance company, you must know the best strategies applicable. It must be sufficient enough to show your services provide specialty solutions, and must efficiently convert audience into actual sales.

Now, you can’t merely dig through the web and learn every strategies you stumble upon. That would take you forever. So, try knowing the best strategies used by other insurance companies today. If it works for them, then there are chances of it working for you—with particular modifications, of course.

Consider these Online Marketing Strategies many Insurance Companies Use

1. Optimized Advertising

This is probably one of the most popular strategy applicable. After all, this strategy can sync with offline marketing, such as on television and flyers. In some cases, for example, you can use same video about your insurance company for both television and YouTube ads.

This is also an easy strategy to implement, and you can shape it to target specific audiences. For example, you can make an ad which shows how your brand practically helps people. Or, you can opt for advertisements which tackles one or few of your insurance policies.

Thing is, you must know the best platforms to use for online advertising, and know particular types of advertisements. Think of Gmail ads, display ads, search ads and dynamic ads. Search ads, for example, are ad clips which show together with Google search results.

2. Social Media Posting

When talking about online marketing, you mustn’t focus on advertising media alone. Being your brand nearer to your audience by making it seemingly more approachable. And that’s what social media posting is for.

Think of Facebook and Twitter. Those are social media networks with millions or even billions of users worldwide. Hence, you can create posts about your brand which people can read or view. Yes, informative posts are helpful, but you can create posts which aims to engage people too.

For example, you can post comical skits about possible environmental disasters on a local area, such as in a flood-prone town. Include subtle information about a flood insurance policy being helpful for such place. So, people living there would see your brand’s relevance.

Another example is using LinkedIn posting. That’s a social media for professionals, right? So, post information and stories about your insurance policies helping enterprises in many ways.

3. Blog Posting

Blogs are quite longer forms of articles to share stuff about your company. Of course, you can post blogs on your company’s official website. But using other blogging sites would help you reach more people online while giving your site more traffic. Think of Blogger, WordPress and Scribd among other platforms.

4. Video Marketing

As mentioned earlier, incorporating videos to your advertisements are great. But your branded videos don’t have to focus on ads alone. You can also use them for blogs and social media posting among other online purposes.

Key is, for many people, videos are easier to absorb than written content. That’s aside from it being entertaining while informing. Be sure, however, to create high quality and professional-looking videos for higher efficiency.

5. Search Engine Optimization

SEO takes the biggest chunk for any online marketing strategies. It focuses on boosting your brand on Google, so people can see it when they use the search engine. Thing is, SEO is a complex field which requires enough expertise.

It covers on-page SEO or the part which highlights the quality of your site for users and for Google. Also, it includes off-page SEO, or techniques done outside your official site, such as on social media and affiliated marketing posting. Lastly, it involves technical SEO which ensures your site would run efficiently for SEO purposes, such as making sure its mobile friendly and loads quickly on browsers.

These strategies are all great. But be sure to put your clients and customers as the heart of your strategy. For example, keep your contact and customer service hotlines online, and answer frequently asked question. That way, people would feel you value them, which certainly leads to bigger sales for your insurance company.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.