Precise rules for shaving your pubic area

The public areas in the body of both men and women are the more delicate and sensitive area. It requires a lot of care and cleaning in day to day life. The hair in the pubic area also needs to be shaved every month. According to some dermatologists, it is recommended to use the products in that area cautiously. The pubic area does not generally bear harsh chemicals; hence it is suggested to avoid using parabens and sulfates based skincare products in that delicate area.  

It is counted in personal hygiene to remove the pubic hair once every two or three months, at least. There are various ways to shorten or remove your hair from private parts. It is up to the individual to get those removed from a salon or by him. Several salons assist in these measures widely.  

There are certain advices to follow while shaving the pubic area, and those are:  

  1. Use a mirror: While shaving down there, it is suggested to keep a tiny mirror in your hand for proper care that it will not cause any cut and bruises on the delicate skin. The individual must keep viewing the area while shaving there because putting aside the mirror for a few seconds might lead to scratches that might lead to pain.  
  2. Trim before shaving: Try to trim down the enlarged and extended pubic hair before shaving because long hair might be somewhat challenging to cut and can affect the quality of shaving. Therefore, to use a pair of scissors before using any trimmer can help you at extreme levels.  
  3. Avoid chemicals: If you are prone to specific skin issues or health problems, it is suggested to you to avoid the contact of any chemical-based products altogether and only apply toxic-free products. There are several types of  shavers for balls  easily accessible for men.  
  4. Use gel: It is a great way to provide nourishment to your skin before taking some harsh steps like shaving or waxing. It will also help in the softening of the targeted hair and makes it easy to get shaved afterward. Aloe Vera gel or bamboo gels are great options.  
  5. Use moisturized razor: There are various kinds of blades prevailing in the skincare and beauty market that comes with a new feature of applying moisturizer along with shaving the hair. It will help in keeping the skin nourished while the procedure or hair removal is still occurring.  
  6. Hold the skin: Keep the targeted skin tightened with one hand and apply the razor with another carefully. Please do not leave the skin as it might cause cuts and bruises.  
  7. Take care of direction: The direction in which the hair grows, i.e., in a downward trend. It is strictly advised to follow this rule, and it might lead to severe skin injuries if done reversely.  
  8. Rinse with warm water: It is strongly advised not to use cold water after removing the pubic hair. It needs a dab and washes from lukewarm water to prevent any side effects of the shaving process.  
  9. Apply oil or lotion: When you remove the hair from the pubic area, it might lead to some dryness in that specific area. Hence, it is excellent to apply a thick lotion or baby oil to the shaven area. 

Moreover, it is suggested to keep the private parts of your body squeaky clean to prevent skin infections and diseases in the future. It is also advisable to ask your dermatologist the right type of intimate products according to your skin type.  



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.