The 3 Most Important Social Media Profiles for Business Professionals

Social Media has taken over the world, let’s face it. And as a business professional, what do you do? You can either ignore the hype, or make it apart of your life. The more wise choice of the two would be to make it apart of your life and get started on creating your professional Social Media Profiles. Here are the 3 most important Social Media Profiles for Business Professionals to create to best promote their professional brand:

– LinkedIn is the number Social Media Profile to create for business professionals. LinkedIn has over 70 million members in over 200 countries and offers the best marketing and promotional platform for business professionals. LinkedIn allows you to summarize your professional work, showcase your career accomplishments, and connect with industry and business professionals alike. Use LinkedIn as your professional portfolio to build your professional business network, to promote and market your personal brand, and ultimately advance your professional career.

– Twitter is the second most important Social Media Profile for business professionals to create. When used properly, Twitter can be a very effective and useful tool. Everyday millions of professionals log-on to Twitter to create, discover, and share ideas. Tweets of business thoughts, marketing viewpoints, and industry news all provide pieces of valuable information to the twitter community. Create a conversation, ask questions, and follow those you admire in the professional world. Use Twitter as your professional voice to submit meaningful, relevent, and pertinent content to attract other professionals and build a following of your personal brand.

– Facebook arrives here at number three. Yes, Facebook may have more users that both LinkedIn and Twitter combined but the marketing tools and promotional capabilities of LinkedIn and Twitter move them ahead in my book. Facebook does have over 400 million users to date. Impressive. Facebook is by far the most used Social Media site and as a business professionals a solid professional profile is a must. Use Facebook to create your own professional page and promote your own personal brand. Create professional relationships, earn Likes of your page, and share your professional passion and work with the fans of your page.

If you are a business professional and have yet dive into the Social Media pool of fun, get your suit on, approach the diving board and jump in because the waters fine. The longer you wait, the further out of the game you are. If you don’t market yourself and your brand, who will? No-one, that’s right, no-one. Social Media Profiles are important and should not be taken for granted. Develop your pages effectively and professionally. Take your time when developing your profiles. Make sure to fill out all necessary and relevant information correctly and make sure to remain consistent. The purchasing should be done under the budget of the person. A little bit research should be made to get the affordable instagram views on the stories.

The more consistent your information, the more reputable your profile. The more reputable your profile, the more respect and regard for your brand from your business peers. Good luck. Any questions on how to start? Comment below. I’m happy to help!



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.