Unique Flooring Options for Your Home

If you are a homeowner who is thinking about putting down new flooring in your home this year, the endless choices you will be faced with is overwhelming. There are so many forms of new flooring to choose from today. Bamboo, laminate, carpet and cork and just a few of the most popular flooring options among homeowners. And with all the new, environmentally friendly floor covering products that are available at your local home improvement store, there’s even more choices for the homeowner who has no idea where to begin. We all know that having the right flooring underfoot can make a big difference in our home. But making a choice can definitely be daunting at the least, when trying to choose between laminate and bamboo flooring. The key to figuring out what the perfect flooring is for your home is to ask yourself a few questions about the room you’re considering for the new flooring. Questions like what is the room used for, is it a high traffic area? Are there pets? Kids playing?, then pick the flooring that is right for you. Carpet probably wouldn’t be a smart choice for a room that kids are constantly running through and where the family pet is allowed. When you’re redoing your floors, the latest and greatest innovation is the new ‘green’, environmentally friendly flooring. This makes an excellent and gorgeous addition to any room, because it’s stain resistant and easy to clean. Hardwood, bamboo, even Brazilian cherry flooring make very environmentally sound choices.

Eco Timber produces some of the most environmentally friendly, bamboo flooring available on the market today. They are the only flooring company that is totally committed to protecting our forests and making your home healthier. Flora Flora tiles are of a better texture, durability and of a much higher stain resistance than ever before. This company offers very high style options in their carpet tiles which consist of bright, vibrant colors and shapes like geometrics and floral prints. These colorful carpet tiles are best for your bedrooms, living rooms and family rooms or pretty much anywhere that you spend a lot of time barefoot. The cost is pretty reasonable at only $2.00 per square foot or $159.99 for a 6 tile rug, each tile being 20 inches long. The best feature of this carpet is that it’s crafted with Mohawks stain resistant technology that never wears off. The carpet is sold as easy to install tiles that allow you to create unique, one of a kind area rugs anywhere you choose.

Armstrong has developed a new Exotic Fusion collection that is basically thin wooden layers that is covered with hardwood veneer. This tile is best when used in dining rooms and living areas. It is not recommended for baths because moisture can cause damage. These tiles costs just $3.00 per square foot. When choosing this type of flooring for your home remember that top of the line flooring has at least a 7 to 9 ply construction and multiple finish coats. These boards are much easier to install than hardwood. Everyone of these tiles are hand scrapped to achieve that rich texture and this product comes with a lifetime warranty.

Shaw’s ceramic Lunar tiles are gorgeous and so easy to install you’ll be wanting to put them all through your home. The best part is that they are made from 40% recycled content and are earth friendly, there actually inspired by the surface of the moon. The highlights of ceramic tile are that it’s durable and beautiful, so that you get the most for the money you invest. Ceramic tile is best for any room where you want quality flooring that is stain and water resistant, at only $3.00 per square foot it’s certainly affordable. Laminate flooring resembles wood flooring but is much less expensive. Basically laminated flooring is a wooden image embedded between a clear protective layer and a backing material made of fiberboard. This is great for almost any room in the house as it’s resistant to spills and wet areas like the bathroom. It costs just $2.00 per square foot and if you’re buying this type of flooring you should always make sure it comes with some kind of warranty. This tile is very easy to install with a fast clickable installation method that can be put together easier than legos. For more information on quality flooring and the different kinds that are available visit www.homedepot.com,www.ehow.com and www.wilsonartflooring.com

Also, the upvc conservatories are quite good at home projects who help in choosing floor design as they have a good color taste in this regard.



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