10 Tips for Encouraging Your Kids to Pursue a Career in Nursing

Nursing is both an interesting and thriving field with many opportunities that many children never even consider as a career option. Nursing is one of the less glorified positions in the medical field; Doctor’s get the majority of the credit and the Hollywood exposure but it all starts with the nurses. The question can arise among the students that how to become a cna. The centers will educate you about the checking of the patients. Many nurses are consider the “eyes and ears” of the doctors, as they give the doctors the reports on the patients and monitor changes in the condition of the patient. Here are some tips to b followed for a successful career in Nursing.

  1. Opportunities – Nurses are not limited to just one profession. There are many fields that nurses can work in upon graduation: Emergency room, surgery, pediatrics, schools, nursing homes, medical offices, etc. Working in one of these areas does not restrict or prevent a nurse from working in another area at another time. Many nurses change their field as time goes on.
  2. Pay – Many entry level nurses stat at an above average salary for a college graduate. This varies depending on the region and the availability of nurses in that area.
  3. Job Security – With the growing number of sick and elderly in the United States the nursing field has really started to boom. This combined with a higher number of nurses retiring then those graduating with a degree has made nursing one of the more stable and secure jobs in America.
  4. Required Schooling – In many states nurses are not required to have a four-year degree to work as a registered nurse. There are many schools out there with two-year programs to get those in school done and into the workplace quicker.
  5. Incentives – With a huge shortage of nurses many facilities with employee students while in nursing school and assist with their tuition in exchange for working for that facility for a set number of years after graduation.
  6. Making Differences – Many nurses love the feelings that they get from their profession. Not only are there many financial benefits but there are spiritual benefits as well. Many nurses fell like they’re making a difference in the lives and overall health of their patients, which provides many with a sense of importance in other’s lives.
  7. Availability of Schools – Many cities have nursing schools, and most often these cities have more than one. This is nice for those students that are not as interested in leaving home while in school. Also, with a large availability of schools this gives many options in their education (time of classes, type of classes, school size, learning environment, etc.).
  8. Community Respect – Not only are nurses recognized and appreciated by the patients they meet in their work environment but also they are also widely appreciated and recognized in the community. This also gives many nurses a great since of self-confidence and self worth not only in the lives that they affect directly but also in those that they affect indirectly.
  9. Schedule – Nursing has a schedule to fit everyone’s liking. Nurses can work shifts ranging from five days a week at eight hours a day to three days a week at 12 hours a day. These shifts can be arranged in many ways depending on the availability and restrictions of the employee.
  10. Ever Changing – Nurses in many positions rarely ever experience the same thing two days in a row. This can be great to keep workers engaged and interested by cutting down on the repetitiveness of the work place. Nursing is one of the few careers out there where this is possible and it seems to keep workers content with their career choice.

There are many reasons to become a nurse but this is a list of things I have experienced and that have influenced me to pursue a career in nursing myself. Nursing is not just a job but also a lifelong career that is both respectable and self-fulfilling. When speaking with your children about careers and their future are sure to consider nursing and its vast opportunities.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.