Cheap Ways to Reduce Sawdust in the Workshop

Tremendous amounts of sawdust in the workshop can be a problem, especially for those with breathing problems. It ends up in every corner and in many surprising places, but it can be controlled with a few cheap tricks. Short of buying an expensive sawdust collection system, it is possible to greatly reduce the amount of wood particles on the floor and in the air. Try these cheap and easy ideas, and reduce the amount of sawdust in the workshop. It does not have to cost a small fortune.

A Cheap Way to Catch Sawdust Beneath a Table Saw

A table saw can generate a lot of sawdust in a workshop, but it can be cheap and easy to catch and reduce with the help of a plastic container and clamps. Buy a container with handles that will fit beneath the apron of the table saw and two strong spring clamps. Clamp the container beneath the table saw using the handles, and empty it as necessary to reduce sawdust in the workshop.

Buy a Wet/Dry Vacuum Adaptor

When looking for cheap ways to reduce sawdust in the workshop, consider buying a wet/dry vacuum as well as a universal power tool adaptor. It will greatly help reduce the amount of sawdust in the workshop. Best of all this type of adaptor is cheap. Top-quality brands sell for as little as $9.99. Shop online, or visit a hardware or home improvement store for this cheap way to reduce sawdust. When the adaptor is used properly, the sawdust will never even hit the floor of the workshop or become airborne.

Increase the Life of a Wet/Dry Vacuum Filter

Replacement filters for vacuums of any type are not cheap, and when used in a workshop they can quickly become clogged with sawdust and other ultra fine particles. To prolong the life of the filter, cut off the legs of pantyhose, and tie secure knots in the openings. Cover the filter, and make sure it fits securely. It will not affect the operation of the vacuum, and this makeshift filter cover will be easy to clean and replace. Best of all it will help capture very small particles and help significantly cut down on sawdust in the workshop in a cheap and efficient way.

Clear the Air Using this Cheap and Easy Method

A cheap box fan can help reduce the amount of airborne dust and wood particles in a workshop. Attach a cheap furnace filter of appropriate size to the back of a box fan. Long twist ties or duct tape can be used to secure the filter to the back of the fan. Point the fan away from the work area and turn it on high. The fan will pull the airborne particles into the filter. The filter can be vacuumed and changed as needed.

Buying tools with built-in sawdust collectors might not be cheap initially, but if they are high in quality and come with a guarantee, they are worth every penny. They will greatly reduce the amount of sawdust in the workshop, and they will likely last far longer than cheaper varieties. what is the best cordless circular saw? If this comes to your mind then you can visit the link that is there. You get the latest and the best cordless circular saws that are there in the market.



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