Vacuums for Wood and Laminate Floors

If you’re anything like me there are really only two times when you stop and think about your vacuum, when it’s broken or when you’re buying a new one. The rest of the time the vacuum is just the necessary tool required to get us through the dreaded task of housework. That is until you decide to tear up all the carpeting and go with hardwood or laminate flooring. Once again the vacuum comes into focus and it’s time to rethink this marvel of inventions.

If you’re going from carpeting to wood flooring now may be a good time to consider selling the old vacuum at a yard sale. Since most of the dirt can be eliminated by removing your shoes, using scatter rugs at entry points, or good old fashioned sweeping the need for a monster of a vacuum has also been eliminated. In some cases larger vacuums may be so heavy dragging them across a new floor could do more harm than good. Now is the time to be thinking light. You may not prefer it on the diet menu, but you’ll love it in a vacuum.

The nass trockensauger (german for wet dry vacuum cleaner)is also good for wiping out stains that are quite sticky and stubborn for which everyone gives up hope that it will ever be cleaned.

Wood and laminate flooring require special attention when it comes to vacuuming and washing. Heavy vacuums with plastic wheels or roller brushes can cause scratching. Using too much water, or the wrong solution can over time cause discoloration and even deteriorate the adhesive in laminate flooring. Today there are several vacuums on the market designed especially for hardwood and laminate flooring before deciding on one you need to take a few things into consideration.

Cleaning needs will help you to decide on a particular type of vacuum. It may be best to stay away from heavier uprights in the case of hardwood and laminate flooring. Vacuum pricing varies widely and generally this is one area where you get what you pay for. You may not need or want top of the line but going lower than middle of the road may prove a bad move. Vacuums come with many added features, the most important of these being filtration. When buying a vacuum with a Hepa filter be sure it is a true Hepa filter. You will also want to take into consideration the weight of the vacuum and ease of use, a vacuum requiring too much effort is likely to go unused. When deciding on bagged or bag less, factor the cost of the bags into the overall cost. If you don’t need all the other bells and whistles don’t pay for them.

According to Vacuum Wizards among the most often reviewed vacuums are Miele, Eureka, Dyson, Hoover, Rainbow, and Kirby, each making a number of different models .Using this website allows a customer to review lists of manufacturers, features, pricing, and customer ratings. To find the best vacuum for your needs check out



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