Top 6 Health Conditions Where Medical Cannabis Can Work Wonders

Medical cannabis is a health wonder. Contrary to popular opinion, cannabis used for medicinal purpose is not the same that you get for recreational weed. So, you won’t have that typical “high” factor with medicinal cannabis that you have with marijuana. The best part is, medical cannabis has proven to treat and manage a sea of health conditions.

Helps to tackle Parkinson’s

It’s a serious degenerative disorder which is characterized by slow cognition, stiffness, leading to challenges with speech impairment, mobility and tremors. Medical cannabis can be really effective in treating the major symptoms of Parkinson’s given its great analgesic and muscle relaxant properties. One if the best benefits enjoyed by Parkinson’s patients with cannabis treatment are pain relief. The other benefits of taking medical cannabis here are better sleep quality, reduced tremor, easy mobility, stimulated appetite and better mood.

Treats epilepsy

Usage of medical cannabis for epilepsy treatment is nothing new. But, unfortunately, cannabis was forbidden as a treatment aide in 20th century. However, regulations have become more lenient towards usage of cannabis for medicinal purposes in recent times. And that has opened the door once again for incorporation of medical cannabis for treating epilepsy.

Research studies have shown cannabinoids work to impact cannabinoid receptors in the body. These receptors play a great role in causing the scary seizures epilepsy is infamous for. Cannabis helps to calm down these receptors which leads to reduced seizures. There are several epilepsy patients who can’t consume regular anti-seizure medicines given the risk of serious side-effects. Medical cannabis would be excellent for them.

Helps to manage cancer

Medical cannabis has proven to help with effective cancer management. Multiple studies have been conducted to check efficacy of cannabis in treating cancer. The good news is most of the studies have sent positive reports only. According to researchers, cannabis oil helps to shrink cancerous tumors in lungs, breast or brain. In other words, medical cannabis works to prevent spread of cancer which eventually helps to tackle cancerous woes. If a near one is suffering from cancer, you may check out CBD International – Cannabis oil for cancer.

Treats Multiple Sclerosis

It’s to stress here Multiple Sclerosis is widely recognized as an eligible health condition for medical cannabis treatment. Cannabis has shown to improve brain function in MS patients. It also eases the major symptoms of the disease like reduced ability to move limbs. Cannabinoids are naturally empowered with anti-inflammation properties that help to prevent internal inflammation in limbs and boost their strength and agility. Besides, cannabis also work to calm down immune system which prevents attack on CNS – the fundamental problem of Multiple Sclerosis.

Relieves arthritis

Medical cannabis is rich in anti-inflammation properties which work to reduce the severe bodily pain as well as discomfort that arthritis patients always complain of. In fact, cannabis oil-infused medications have proven to show visible results within just 15 days of consumption.

Great for mental wellness

The conditions mentioned above are all physical conditions. Now, while medical cannabis is excellent for physical health, it works wonders for mental wellness too. As per researchers, cannabis oil helps to calm and relax the mind which helps one to fight issues like stress, anxiety and depression effectively. Medical cannabis is amazingly effective to treat serious mental ailments like PTSD and schizophrenia as well.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.