5 Tips To Choose The Right Heating Oil Delivery Company

Heating oil is a highly energy-efficient and cost-efficient resource to keep your home warm even in harshest of winters. It’s to note here, the burning temperature of heating oil is higher compared to natural gas. Thus, with the heating oil, one will have faster and warmer results. There is a misconception that home heating oil and diesel fuel is the same thing. But, this is not true. Home heating oil is way cleaner and also assures lower emission which makes it a greener and more economical choice anyday.

Are you looking for heating oil companies for space heating in your home? Now, given the rising popularity of home heating oil, there is no dearth of such companies around. However, not all such companies can be trusted equally. There are different points to keep in mind while looking for a reliable home heating oil company. The post below offers a brief on the things to consider to find the right home heating oil service for your home.


Get a comparison study

Do not just settle with the first home heating delivery company you will come across online. Rather, you should first make a shortlist of 4-5 such names and then get a comparative study on them. Yes, it’s a time-consuming affair but absolutely worth it. You have to study their market reputation, delivery approach, delivery time, pricing structure and overall service quality. The one you take to should command a solid market reputation and must be backed by years of experience in the industry. 

Check out with previous customers

One of the best ways to check the actual service quality of a company is to speak with its previous customers. A reliable company will be open to sharing the contact details of previous customers. You must speak to minimum 3 previous clients of each company you shortlist. Ask them about experience with the heating oil company, their level of satisfaction, their complaints  and so on. You should also ask them whether they would recommend the heating oil company to another potential customer. If your chosen heating oil company seems to be hesitant to share the details of previous customers, consider a red flag.

Full-service 24/7 heating oil company

This is one of the most important points to remember while choosing a heating oil delivery company.

What if you run out of heating oil in the middle of the night? Would your chosen heating oil company be flexible to attend your during emergencies or would you have to wait till business hours? Now, you won’t have such worries if you sign up with a full-service heating oil companies. It’s because these companies operate 24/7/365 days so that you can reach out to them and get heating oil delivered- just whenever you will need it. In other words, these companies would cater to you even at the oddest hours and you won’t have to wait for them till business hours in times of sudden emergency.

Prompt delivery

Your chosen heating oil service provider should be able to assure you prompt delivery of oil, preferably in an hour. Make sure to check the reviews and testimonials posted by previous clients on the company website. See what they had noted about the delivery time of the heating oil company. If there is no mention of anything regarding delivery time, then you should ask the company directly. Also, lookout for complaints from previous customers regarding delayed delivery. If most of the customers have similar complaints, you should look for another home heating oil delivery firm. 

However, it’s also suggested to look for a heating oil delivery service that’s located near your place. This way, the company officials have less time to travel and they will be able to reach your premise fast.

Flexible pricing plans

A reliable heating oil delivery company will generally assure flexible pricing plan so that customers can choose a one as per their needs and budget. It’s better to avoid companies that lock you in longer-term contracts. This way, you won’t be able to come out of the contract if you don’t like its service quality. Also, it would be better if your chosen one offers a sign-up bonus for new clients. This way, you will able to check the service quality of the heating oil company before investing your hard-earned money into it.



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