Mobile Phones – an Essential Tool for Communication

Thanks to Mobile phones, which have taken away the distance between people and countries. The mobile phones have made the world at the palm of our hand. A cellphone is a friend in need. It is of great use to call a doctor on emergency situations.

A cellphone is a source of entertainment as we send good messages to our friends in festival seasons like Christmas, New Year, etc. It is a mode of exchange of ideas in the fastest possible way. A cell phone is a wonderful tool for communication for the people of outside states also. This is why you need a get yourself a mobile phone from a reliable retailer such as Blackbora that can provide you the very best and reliable service so that you can improve your efficiency.

We can always keep in touch with our near and dear ones. In the days when the land line and mobile phone were not there, one used to go to the relative’s house or write a letter to him/her knowing about the well being of that person. Now your relative or friend is just a phone call away. Long ago in the times of the monarchy, people runners used to take messages written in documents and they used to walk long distances to get the messages delivered to the receiver. Nowadays the system has changed. Instantaneous messages or what is known as SMS has changed our life. In order to prolong the life of your handset, you must shop for Mobile Covers Online in India and put one on the back side of your device.

We can speak to a person we need directly, without anybody’s help — a doctor or a lawyer for example. We can communicate a person directly if we have the mobile number of that person. Mobile phones have made our lifestyle very fast and effecient. For example, we need to talk to the person of a government office but when we went to the office, he was not there, then his friend in the same room gives you the mobile number and you call him and fix an appointment.

On the other hand, if the person who had an appointment with you on a specific date and time will not be able to attend it, Then he calls you over the mobile phone and tells his convenient time. Suppose you had a meeting with a person but forgot one point to discuss, you talk about it over the mobile.

We don’t have to remember or carry telephone index with us. It’s in the embedded in the memory of mobile phone. A mobile phone is a good telephone diary where you can store as many number of people as possible and this capacity depends on the storage capacity of the cell phone. It keeps it alphabetically and it can be searched by typing the number of the person concerned. We can keep mobile numbers in groups and can send sms in groups. When a known person calls, his name appears on the screen.

We can identify the call or the number and can choose to respond or hang up. Every mobile phone has an option. It can suspend a call and call another person if the second call comes. While you are talking, you can hear a beep sound indicating that somebody is calling, so you attend that call. Mobile phones are of great benefit to the tele-marketing professionals whose most important tool is communication through mobiles and setting appointments.

It has additional features like FM radio which gives news, music. Its Internet browser can offer useful information at the tip of our fingers. Mobile phones have FM and songs of different radio stations can be played through earphones, speakers and also the favorite songs can be stored. It is useful for musicians who want to listen to the songs again and again and music and voice recordings can be done in mobile. These recordings are of great help in cases when a person changes his words.

Mobile phones have become as important in our daily life as the eye in our body. It helps us in various other things like ordering food in a restaurant. It has become a part of our life in job search where we make appointments or interviewers call us if we get selected in the initial interview. Without a mobile phone, we feel lost. we are simply handicapped.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.