Helpful Tips In Finding The Best Florist For Your Big Event

Yes, floral decors bring brightness and life to any event, but you need a professional florist for it. That’s because these decors have different elements such as flower type, colors and sizes. Only an expert can combine all these factors for fabulous results. But how can you find the best florist for a big event, aside from simply calling Eco Flower bouquet today?

It’s great if you already know a reputable florist around. But if you don’t, you must think of certain points to guide you.

Here’s how to find a Professional Florist today

  • Begin Searching few Months Prior the Event

Some say you should start searching for a florist at least 2 months before your big event. However, it’s better to begin earlier. Some even suggest to begin around 9 months before your big day. This is to make sure that you’d get the best florist who will deliver the best fabulous results.

  • Type of Floral Decors you need

Different florists have different specialties of floral decors. For example, some specialize on dinner floral decors which includes small yet bright flowers on tables. Some specialize on tall and bushy flowers for walls and corners in events as well. It’s even a great idea to hire two florists who will work together for best results.

You can also look at it on a different angle and consider the scope of job you want a florist to do. For example, you can hire a florist who will provide the flowers alone, then your venue decorator will do the rest. On the other hand, some florists can also decorate the entire venue such as including the ceremony aisle and reception.

  • Plenty of Positive Feedback

Next, look for florists with high rates of positive feedbacks, then start choosing from there. You can begin by Googling about the top florists in your local area. See which among the best offers floral decors or venue decoration services you need.

Of course, it’s wise to ask some friends or acquaintances as well. Say, you’ve attended an event with dazzling floral decors, ask who their florists were. Be sure, however, that you trust the person you’d ask to minimize or avoid biases.

  • Prepare your Budget

Search about the ideal floral décor budget in your area. It should not be too low to avoid cheap quality results, but it should not be impractically expensive either. Be sure to have an idea about it before calling any florist to strike proper negotiation. However, floral decors should account around 10% of your event budget.

  • Schedule Interview

The aim of the previous points is to come up with a shortlist of florists you’d potentially hire. After having a few reliable florists that seem promising, schedule an interview to help you make a final decision. Ask about the type of floral decors they deliver, and the extent of decorating job they can do. Of course, talk about rates and your budget as well.

Then, bring some pictures of ideal results you want. This could be photos you download from the internet, or pictures of events you’ve previously attended. Show it to the florist, then see how they explain to you about achieving such results. The best florist knows how exactly to pull off such design, such as telling you the type of flowers they’d use and why.

After choosing a florist, be sure to closely work with them while planning for the event. This is for them to easily communicate with you, and earn your approval for flowers, designs and items they’d use. This is also for you to conveniently suggest and make changes when necessary. Everything certainly leads to the best fabulous results in your event.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.