A Guide To Selecting And Buying a Bathroom Faucet

One of the easiest ways to improve the look of any bathroom is to update the faucets; although this may seem like a straightforward undertaking, there are a few things that need to be taken into effect before you find the perfect fixture for your bathroom. This is a guide to choosing the best and most efficient bathroom faucet for your bathroom that you can order from kitchenhomelet.com.

One of the most important things when deciding on a bathroom faucet is to determine which type of faucet is actually compatible with your bathroom sink. The main types of bathroom faucets are single hole, 4″ mini spread or 4″ center set, 8″ widespread, wall mount, and vessel. You can determine the type of faucet that you need by the number of holes and spacing between the holes in your bathroom sink.

Single hole faucets are the simplest to identify because they merely have one hole to insert the faucet in. The 4″ mini spread or 4″ center set has three holes on the counter which are all 4″ apart from each other while an 8″ spread has the same three holes but instead are 8″ apart on the counter top. Wall mount and vessel are the most unique types because of their distinctive lay out. Wall mounts will only work if your holes are located on the wall and vessels can be used with one, two, or three holes but must be accompanied by a vessel style sink due to the height of this faucet fixture.

After determining which faucet type(s) are compatible with your sink the next decision is determining your installation options. Single hole faucets are accommodating because they can come with either one or two handles attached at the spout which is perfect for small sinks. 4″ Center set faucets come in two handle and single lever options but are compact since the spout and handles are attached to the base which is great for someone working with limited space. 4″ Mini spread faucets are similar to the Center set faucet except that the hot handle, spout, and cold handle are three different pieces which gives the appearance of a larger widespread model. If the appearance of a single-hole faucet is appealing but you have a sink with 4″ hole drillings, look for a faucet with an optional deck plate this allows the same desired look without extra renovation. 8″ Widespread faucets are a larger faucet which have handles that vary from 8″ -16″ apart, these are great for bathrooms with sprawling space and give an elegant feel to any bathroom. Vessel filler faucets are used specifically for vessel style sinks which have a higher spout reach, leaving room to go on all sides of the sink. Remember the height of the vessel faucet’s spout should clear the rim about 3-5 inches. The spout itself should end just over the drain usually 2-1/2 inches or more from the edge of the sink. Wall Mount faucets are a unique faucet which are ideal for vessel sinks, wall hung sinks, and under mount sinks. When choosing a wall mounted faucet, make sure the spout will reach to the center of the sink, above the drain. This style requires water supplies that extend up the wall behind the sink, make sure that you bathroom can accommodate this style of sink.

Always make sure that the bathroom faucet has a solid metal body with ceramic discs in the cartridge this allows the faucet to have proper mechanical flow which is essential to a well working faucet. Remember a bathroom faucet is one of the most used and important pieces of equipment in the bathroom, so look for a good quality and well made faucet. Purchasing a cheap faucet may seem like a money saver now but it will need to be replaced within a few years’ time and often may not work as efficiently which can cost a lot more in the long run. Since you will be using this piece for many years remember to try to keep with classic styles so it will match any décor that you may have in your bathroom in the future.



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