Getting Marisa Miller’s Hairstyle For A Fashionable you

There are many possible hair styles people can choose from today. Some suits for mens with straight hair, while other are for curly hair. Some mens hairstyles for curly hair also fits for girls, but ladies usually put extra focus on their crowning glory. That is why they often look for celebrities with great hair.

Thirty year old, California born model Marissa Miller is one of today’s hottest models. She is well known for her gorgeous swimsuit covers and has even set records for her modeling jobs since 2005. She has also starred in several commercials, and been in many well-known fashion magazines such as Allure. Being a Victoria’s’ Secret model,of course she is beautiful, and she also has beautiful hair. Her hair is long, blond, full of body and done in long layers. Here is a guide to obtain this look.

First of all, the color is a pretty golden, honey blond. Depending on the color you already have, you can purchase an at-home hair dye kit from any beauty supply store, or even Walmart and try and copy this color. Take a picture along with you to compare with the box. You can also visit your favorite hair stylist but make sure to take the picture with you as well when you go here so they can see exactly what kind of color you are looking for.

As far as the style goes, if you already have long hair, you are in luck! If not, you can still attempt this look by using some hair extensions. Again these can be purchased at a beauty supply store or you can talk to your stylist about getting them. If you are one of the ones with long hair already, you will want to wash your hair, condition it with a moisturizing or volumizing conditioner,and then blow dry it upside down to give your hair that extra body you will want. Put a small amount of hair gel in your palm,and run it through your hair while it’s hanging upside down. This is her straight style. If you have curly hair, simply wash, condition and blow dry, then use a flat iron to obtain this look.

If you want her curly look, you can get this by washing, conditioning and drying as above, but dry on a lower setting so that you can avoid getting frizzies. You can either use some hot rollers or a 1 1/2 inch curling iron to obtain those cute ringlets she sometimes models. To keep this look in place, use a medium strength hair spray and gently spray around the curls. If you already have curly hair, don’t blow dry your hair,simply towel dry, and use some gel to give it a more natural look. For those side pieces that sometimes get away, simply use a curling iron to keep them in place.

If you’re looking for her tousled, wet look you’ve probably seen on her magazine covers, you can get this by washing your hair, conditioning it,and then scrunch it with some gel or mousse then dry it on a low setting.

To get her signature “waterfall curls” look, curl your hair as talked about above, and pull some hair at both sides to the back while letting some tendrils fall along side the face. This give a very romantic, soft look and is great with casual wear or if you are going formal.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.