Waist Deep Movie To Watch

In this movie, the multi talented Tyrese Gibson makes another stellar performance, in Waist Deep. Directed by Darin Scott, Megan Good adds her particular talents to the film in her role as Coco. Playing O2, Tyrese does not stray far from his big screen debuting role as “Baby Boy” in the film bearing the exact same name. Here Gibson accurately portrays a street wise ex-convict trying to find his way off the streets and towards a legitimate life. Despite his efforts, he get caught back up in the game when his son is stolen and than ransomed off to him.

This syncopated thug-thriller begins in the thralls of the epidemic problem of most ex-convicts trying to prove themselves in a newly released state of being and a new job. O2 has to weigh keeping his brand new job as a security guard, or risking his new position in order to keep his son safe by picking him up at his elementary school. Junior, played by H. Hunter Hall from school, is a welcomed addition to the testosterone laden acting that is in the film. Coincidentally, his son was supposed to be picked up by his brother, Lucky, played by Lorenz Tate, which sets him up as being the character the audience is going to look for to throw a wrench into everyone’s plans.

Taking the higher of the two roads, and in the thralls of losing his new position as a security guard, O2 abandons his post to make sure that his young son is not left alone on the harsh streets of South Central Los Angeles.

Incidentally, a daylong protest against the unorganized gang violence that is gripping the city of Los Angeles forms a backdrop for the film.

Driving now with his son, the top down on his convertible, we see a softer side of this harsh thug. During this bonding time with his son, we see how softhearted he is and how naïve his son is of the terrible city streets. At a confusing point, but later explained in the movie, Coco is introduced as a suit selling prostitute who eyes O2 as he is stopped at a stop light with his son. Just after their initial meeting (where he turns her down, probably due to his son being fast asleep in the backseat), O2 is car jacked for his drop top, a common occurrence in the un abashed mean-streets of south central Los Angeles. The carjacker does not see his son in the car and speeds off with him. After a five-minute foot chase, O2 manages to kill two people and injure the driver, but does not succeed in rescuing his son.

Thinking that the suit selling hoochy momma had set him up, he tracks her down instantaneously and makes her take him to a local chop shop that she knows. Reluctant to help him, O2 goes on to explain the loss of his son and that her help is desperately needed. While at the chop shop, an altercation with the man who owns the establishment causes Coco to trust O2 and she opens up to him, creating yet another bond that is perfectly placed in the film.

After a few calls to Lucky, we see that the cousin can do something right. The audience discovers who has his son. Big Meat, played by The Game, is an old cohort of O2. It is here that we find out that O2 went to jail over a botched up job with Big Meat, where he hid $100,000. Believing that O2 still has the money, Big Meat ransoms his son for

recuperation of that money. With the help of Coco, O2 devises a plan to help her out and to help him get his son back. The plan consists of attacking Coco’s enemy, pretending to be associated with the one who has O2’s son all the while, attacking members of Big Meat, claiming that he is from the groups associated with Coco. Since O2 has been ‘out of the game’ for so long, no one recognizes him.

The movie takes a decidedly interesting twist when the two Bonnie and Clyde style thefts bring them to a number of safe deposit box keys. In one of those boxes, a large amount of jewels is found. O2 asks Lucky to fence them for him so that they can come up with the rest of the loot to obtain his son. Lucky, not knowing who’s jewels they are, takes them to the owner to try and fence them. Needless to say, things go down hill from there. The next several minutes are dotted with a series of car chases and shoot outs, all typical of other great gangster movie endings. Although when you think the movie is over, yet another chapter unfolds. Although short, the ending chapter fully completes the story.

Overall, the movie is indeed a thrilling experience with many twists and turns in the plot that will keep you engaged right up to the very end, its dull moments notwithstanding and is a thundering success in my opinion. In fact, Gibson fans are definitely going to return for repeated viewings and look it up on 123movies anyone can watch.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.