Stop Recently Spilled Candle Wax From Doing Extensive Damage To The Carpet

If you enjoy burning candles you may have experienced knocking one over onto the carpet where it burned a hole or made it stiff, hard and rough to the touch. Stopping recently spilled candle wax from burning and soaking into the depth of the carpet calls for fast reflexes to prevent or minimize damage the carpet might incur.

Once the candle tips over the wax will spill. Sit the candle upright immediately. With a cloth, paper towel or tissues blot up all of the spilled wax that you can remove to keep the wax from burning, setting and soaking deep into the carpet.

If you don’t have anything close, which you can immediately use it doesn’t take long for wax to set and cause damage, place your hand palm down over the wax and use it to blot with. When the wax spills it will rapidly start cooling but it should be warm enough to stick to the palm of the hand. Be careful to avoid getting burned. Although the wax should be warm it may vary and be hot.

The longer the candle has been burning the higher the probability that the wax will be hot enough to burn the hand if immediately placed into the spilled wax. Some people can tolerate a higher degree of heat than others can. In any case if you feel you may get burned give the wax time to cool.

Once the wax dries on the palm rub both your palms together over a trash can to rub the wax off.

You might not get all the wax up from blotting when the spill first occurs. To remove wax left rake a comb or fingernails over the carpet. This should loosen some of the wax so that it can be swept up. This should remove the majority of spilled wax.

Any remaining wax may have to be professionally removed by having the carpet professionally cleaned. Steam cleaning the carpet on your own may work but it could just melt the wax deeper onto and into the carpet.

The best way to prevent candle wax spills on carpet is to place candles in non-carpet rooms. Spilled candle wax would be easier to remove from tile or a hard surface once it has dried. After drying the wax could be peeled up. Be careful about sitting a candle on a varnish or paint surface. Spilled wax could peel up paint or hurt the varnish. You can also get some effective and helpful tips from carpet cleaning punta gorda and other information online for you to have an idea about the right thing to do when your carpet got wax.

If possible sit candles in a pan, that won’t burn, which extends further than the candle or candles so if any were tipped over the pan would catch the wax. Make sure it’s a pan you aren’t using or don’t mind anything happening to in case spilled wax ruins it.



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