Everything you Need to Know About a Camshaft

Stated in mechanical terms, a camshaft is a type of rod that is supposed to rotate and slide to form a rotational motion in a machine. This rotational change is achieved with the help of a camshaft that moves further and back again to the axis of rotation when the camshaft is pushed with the help of a machine. The moving parts of a camshaft are known as cams. 

What is an Automobile Camshaft?

Fixed on the internal combustion of a heat engine, the camshaft is meant to control how much input of fuel reaches the engine. At the same time, it also controls the exhaustion of fumes from the automobile. Usually, a camshaft is a collection of many different radial cams which are used to displace the exhaust valves. In order to control the function of a camshaft, it is connected to a crankshaft with the use of gears, or a chain. This results in a consistent movement of valves in relation to the pistons of the camshaft. 

The Working of a Camshaft

If you have ever wondered anything about the functioning of a car engine, it is common to wonder how the machine runs after all. It all begins with the entry of air or fuel in the engine of the car and the exit of the exhaust from the car that makes it run the way you see it. The camshaft is composed of lobes, commonly known as cams which push against valves, during the time when the camshaft rotates. Later, the springs that are located on the valves help them return to their closed position. This is how the 350 chevy camshaft and any other for that matter, runs. At different speeds of the car, this action tends to have a different impact on the engine of the car, which is why this is considered to be a critical step in the operation of a car. 

The Basics of a Camshaft

The lobes of a camshaft are its basic parts. With every spin of the camshaft, the lobes are bound to open and close, allowing for intake of fuel and expelling the exhaust from the valves. You wouldn’t believe it but as it happens, the shape of the camshaft has a direct bearing or relation with the performance of the engine at different speeds. 

As the intake valve opens, there is a start of intake stroke at the piston. This takes in the air or the fuel and the runner allows for acceleration to the cylinder. As the piston continues to revolve, and the flow of fuel continues to gear the camshaft, the engine starts performing at a higher speed. 

Usually, the engine of an automotive, such as that with a 350 chevy camshaft, has many pistons built in it, which is why, a single camshaft is nearly insufficient to run it alone. Thus, an entire rod, which is covered with camshafts, is used to run the engine of an automobile. A camshaft is thus built with durable material such as chilled iron castings and billet steel to ensure that it continues to perform at a higher level, without compromising the performance of the vehicle. 

Typically, camshafts are produced by forging steel or with the help of CNC machinery and even a unique hydroforming technology. Depending on the design of the engine, a camshaft can be solid or a hollow, also keeping in mind its weight. 

Are There any Alternatives to Camshafts?

In order to perform the function of a camshaft, which ensure that the valves close at the right time, we would need something with equal capacity. Many ideas have been put forward in this regard, claiming that spring less valves, cam less valvetrains and a wankel engine are likeable alternatives to a camshaft. 

Even though it is highly useful for an engine, a camshaft does not come without problems. It is highly prone to wear and tear but not as much as other parts of an engine. Wearing down of the lobes and breaking down of the camshaft are among the few problems that can occur in an automobile engine but can be corrected by a professional.



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