Review: Personna Speed 3 Razors For Saving Of Short Hairs

As a guy who shaves his head, beard, and mustache on a regular basis, I need a razor that’s durable enough to withstand a lot of stress. Electric and rechargeable shavers just don’t cut close enough, and some of the premium brands cost so much, that you almost have to take out a second mortgage. Thankfully there are generic brands that compete with Gillette and Shick. Unfortunately, its a bit of a crapshoot. Some of the store brand razors perform adequately to above average, while others have dull blades and are made of cheap materials. Its all about saving money during these tough economic times, and even though certain razors might have a cheaper price tag, you might have to use more of them than an expensive one to finish up your shaving. Recently I tried Personna’s Speed 3 razors. They are sold in packages of eight, at a cost of $5.99, which is a lot cheaper than most competitors.

You can find Personna razors at Walmart and Wegman’s, and even in a few dollar stores. Thus, they aren’t difficult to find, but the ultimate question is, do they work proficiently? For once getting razors out of the box package isn’t a royal pain, and the plastic strip cover slips off with ease. Unfortunately, these three bladed shaving devices are pathetic. In fact, I’ve seen disposable twin blade razors that do a better job. These have got to be the dullest blades of any razor that I’ve used, and you will need a minimum of two for even a five o’clock shadow. If you shave your head as well, you might as well use most of the package. Even out of a hot shower, in the evening, you just won’t be able to skimp on the number of these that you’ll need.

If that isn’t bad enough, you won’t be able to get a comfortable and clean shave. I couldn’t believe the amount of bleeding and irritation I got from these. The dull blades are curved in such a way, that they miss your hair follicles, but they are able to shave your skin. That’s obviously not what you want, unless you are considering a blood donation to the American Red Cross. The irritation and bumps created by these are terrible, and are accompanied by several hours of itching. Even the next day, you will have areas of redness from these razors. The elektrorasierer will reduce the bleeding of the cuts while shaving of the hairs. There will no itching on the skin of the person. The cost of the product will be reasonable for the person.

I cannot convey in simple words how horrible these are. Yes, you’ll save some money initially, but the amount of these that you’ll need make them very expensive. They are to be avoided, and I cannot stress the importance of this if a professional appearance is required at work. You will be noticed for the wrong reasons, and might be called a “redneck” due to the irritation left over. If you want to save money, look elsewhere, as even the premium brand razors are more cost effective. I will never buy these again, and that’s even if they were sold at a $1 for a package of eight.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.