The Skinny List

American’s are big. And that is putting it politely. We are addicted to food, I know I was, and we are addicted to food that is not good for us. Most people don’t have a midnight craving for spinach or want to gorge themselves on egg-white omelets after a break-up. But maybe it’s time to start thinking like that.

On the opposite end, it’s not healthy either to be too thin. You don’t want brittle bones, and as my doctor told me, your body works better with a regular amount of fat. For example, according to, a woman who is 5’4″ should not weigh over 160 pounds, that is too much weight. She also should not weigh under 110 pounds because that can cause her to have a weaker immune system as well as possibly causing infertility among other things.

If you want to lose weight, you have to be ready, mentally. If your brain isn’t into it, neither will your body. And once your brain and body are on the same wavelength, make a skinny list. Moreover, there are easy and modern ways that you can try in order to get rid of your body fat. One such method is freezing the fat out of your body. And if you are wondering if you Can you lose weight with freezing fat? Then the answer is Yes, click on the given link to know more about it.

When I was ready to lose weight, I made a skinny list and it helped me grasp what I wanted to look and feel like. A skinny list is a list of things you aren’t able to do because your body is so big. It may sound petty, and a little embarrassing, but it is very motivational. I know just seeing myself in home videos when I did not think I was that big, was a huge motivation for me.

1) Fitting in Seats

Are you too big for the airplane seat? Do you fit in the bus seat when you go to work? Would you even attempt sitting in one seat on the train?

These are all things that can be so disconcerting to those who are large. I was lucky enough to always fit in one seat, however, there were times I took up the whole seat. Fitting in a seat comfortably, a one-person seat is a great goal.

2) Eating Out Like a Regular Bloke

Do people stare at you when you waddle into a restaurant? Do kids eye you when you try to fit at a restaurant table? Are you aware of people watching when you get your food, go to the buffet or start eating?

Stop worrying that people are thinking “Wow, she really does not need to eat that!” because they are thinking it. I know I have thought about it. Walking into a restaurant after losing weight is like walking down the street in a crowd. No one will stare unless you want them to.

3) Shopping for Clothes

Do you shop at big and tall stores? Are you too large for big and tall stores? Are you ashamed of asking for a size 30XXX skirt? Do you wear the same pair of black, polyester stretch pants?

Again, no one is saying you need to be a size 0, however, going into a regular store like Macy’s or even Target and buying a size 10 pair of pants will be a great feeling. I always hated going to the largest sections of a store or picking out “extra-large.” When I lost the weight, however, there were no questions to ask, no weird size to look for, and no mirrors to be ashamed in.

4) Relationships

If you are not married already or involved, has it been hard to meet people? Are you embarrassed to eat in front of someone, get undressed in front of someone, be intimate with someone?

Being large can be lonely. I know there are men and women who say they are “fat chasers” – whatever that means – but in general, most of us want to be with someone we are attracted to, plain and simple. Being thinner is a big part of that. It shows that we care about our bodies. And most importantly, the person who ends up being attracted to us wants us to be confident in ourselves. And I know when I was big, even though I was/am married, I was sometimes ashamed to undress in front of my husband. Feeling confident after losing weight is a wonderful way to live.

Losing weight will make you healthier, happier, more confident and improve your quality of life. This skinny list is a great way to start. What would you add to yours?



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.