Building Affordable Home Patio Furniture

Building your own patio furniture offers a budget-friendly alternative to commercial furniture, as well as allowing personal style creativity. Plans for building your own patio furniture can be found at most large home improvement stores, as well as online. Some online websites charge a fee to download patio furniture plans, but others allow free use of the illustrated guides. Besides that, you have services like Madbury Road that provide you all the material and assistance you need to build your affordable home patio furniture that will last longer and will add beauty to your home. 

Constructing patio furniture will require a period of approximately four hours per piece. This time frame includes all woodcutting, attachment, and applying the initial coat of paint or stain. Patio furniture commonly refers to chairs, lounges, benches, stands, stools, and bars to be used outdoors, or on a semi-enclosed porch area. Adirondack chairs are among the most popular style choices for outdoor chairs. This type of chair is a bit more difficult to make for novice builders due to the varying lengths of chair backboards, and the slopestyle of the chair seat. Any patio furniture plan will also include information on the level of difficulty required to complete the project.

Selecting the tools required to build patio furniture is the first step in preparing to construct outdoor furniture. The tools needed are commonly found in local hardware stores, and include a measuring tape, broom, sawhorses, a carpenter’s square, garden hose, handsaw, power saw, wheelbarrow, screwdriver, power drill, protractor, sander, wrenches, “C” clamps, and a level.

Finding a patio furniture plan is the next step on the list for completing this home improvement project. Artistic individuals or novice carpenters can draw their own set of plans for most simple projects. A carpenter’s calculator will aid in translating the plans into square measurements to determine the number of materials needed for purchase. Staff at home improvement stores can also supply assistance and a set of typical patio furniture plans at no charge. The store plans often come complete with a quick reference guide of needed construction and decorative finishing materials. Searching online for patio furniture plans can also lead builders to free and low cost illustrated plans. Some website do-it-yourself website also offers forums and customer assistance for trouble-shooting during the project construction process.

Collecting the materials needed for the project is also an important step when building home patio furniture. Some building plans recommend building materials, but such plans can also be adapted to a builder’s personal style. Wood is the most common source of building material for outdoor furniture. Purchasing pressure-treated wood is highly recommended for outdoor furniture, which will need to contend with rain, moisture, and varying temperatures. Redwood and cedar are the most commonly used wood for patio furniture.

Purchasing hardware for the patio furniture should follow the patio furniture plans exactly. The size and thread of the nails, screws, and brackets will need to fit securely, in order to have a durable and safe piece of patio furniture. Decorative leg end caps and embellishments for seat arms, benches, and outdoor bars can also be found from home improvement and design stores. Stain or paint should be allowed to cure before adding a top coating of weatherproof sealant.



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