Alberto VO5 Moisture Milks Strawberries & Cream Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Always on the lookout for a new kind of shampoo and conditioner to use, I spotted two products I hadn’t used before. I’m familiar with the brand, and I know they are a low-priced, yet good-quality shampoo and conditioner. But these certain products promised adding shine and moisture to my hair, and I was curious if they would deliver. Read this Alberto VO5 Moisture Milks Strawberries  amp; Cream Shampoo and Conditioner review and find out all about these products!

Price and Availability

You can find Alberto VO5 shampoo and conditioner at just about any store that sells hair products. It’s a very popular brand. A lot of times they’ll be on sale for 99 cents a bottle; what a deal!

Product Descriptions

Alberto VO5 Moisture Milks Strawberries  amp; Cream Shampoo comes in a 15-ounce bottle. Open the cap and the sweet smell of strawberries and cream comes wafting out. It smells “good enough to eat.” The shampoo is an appealing pearlescent pink.

The bottle states it contains “shine enhancing nutrients” and “soy milk protein that revitalizes dry, damaged hair.” It sounded like the perfect product for my winter-beaten, dry hair. It also claims to moisturize your hair, clean it, and leave it “silky and manageable.” Another selling point that made me bring it closer to my shopping cart. But, after I read the statement, “Keeps color treated hair looking great,” I was sold.

And, by the way, another big plus about this product, is that the company claims it’s not tested on animals.

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Alberto VO5 Moisture Milks Strawberries  amp; Cream Conditioner also comes in a 15-ounce bottle. It smells just as delicious as its counterpart. It’s a pretty milky-pink color.

Test Results

I have used both Alberto VO5 Moisture Milks Strawberries  amp; Cream Shampoo and Conditioner quite a few times before I wrote this review. If you’ve read some of my other reviews, you know I often like to get another opinion, which I did this time.

First, I have to tell you that my hair was dry and color treated, but it’s still in pretty good condition. So, I don’t need to use a heavy-duty shampoo and conditioner to get it back into shape. With that said, I’m pleased with the results of using both Alberto VO5 Moisture Milks Strawberries  amp; Cream Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo lathered up nicely in my thick, wavy hair, and the conditioner didn’t make my hair feel “heavy” or “oily”. Besides making my hair smell really good, they also made my hair shiny and smooth.

My friend Carol also tried these two products a couple times. Her hair is thin, exceptionally dry and frizzy because she blow dries it daily, and also is color treated. She felt this shampoo and conditioner duo didn’t work as well for her because she needs products that add volume to her hair, as well as maximum moisture.


I highly recommend buying Alberto VO5 Moisture Milks Strawberries  amp; Cream Shampoo and Conditioner. As I said, they’re downright cheap in price compared to many other hair products on the market. And, for my hair type, they work quite well. I will definitely buy these products again!



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.