Tips & Tricks for Using Baking Soda Around the House

Baking soda is such a magical marvelous product. It is inexpensive and has so many uses for the household. Baking soda can clean, deodorize and can be used as a cleanser. If you come across any place that you can not clean with baking soda. Then you have Moldxperts for that. With this, you get a really efficient and effective way through which you can rid of molds from your house and kitchen area. 

Here are some tips you can do with baking soda.

We all know you can take a box of baking soda, open it up and stick it inside our refrigerators or freezers to help absorb odors. But did you know you can put it just about anywhere to absorb odors? You can put it in your car but be sure to put it in something or somewhere that it won’t spill as you are driving. You can put baking soda in closets, drawers, and cupboards to deodorize them. You can put baking soda in your bathroom to help in there.

If you have a smelly drain that you need to clean you can put two tablespoons of baking soda down in your drain and then pour in a cup of vinegar in the drain. The baking soda and vinegar bubble up together and create a show. After the bubbling has stopped you can run clear water down the drain. The baking soda and vinegar leave your drain fresh. I let my kids do this job since it entertains them at the same time.

You can use baking soda as a cleanser. First, you can wet your sink or tub and then sprinkle the baking soda on liberally. Take a clean wet rag and rub the sink or tub till it is clean then rinse the area that you have scrubbed. It takes some elbow grease to clean but it is better than some of the hazardous chemicals out there.

Baking soda can be sprinkled on your carpet to deodorize the carpet. Make sure to test the baking soda on a spot of carpet that is not noticeable by sprinkling some baking soda on it and vacuuming it off. If the carpet passes the test you can sprinkle baking soda over the whole carpet and let it sit for about a half-hour. Then vacuum of the baking soda and the carpet should smell fresh. You can use baking soda on your furniture also just test the furniture with a spot of baking soda before you spread baking soda over the entire piece of furniture.

If you have a vacuum cleaner that uses bags you can put two tablespoons of baking soda in the vacuum bag to help eliminate the odors of vacuuming.

You can put baking soda in with your laundry to help freshen up some smelly garments. Just add about a quarter cup of baking soda with your laundry detergent and it will help make your garments come out smelling fresher. Not recommended for delicate items.

Baking soda can help with a lot of cleaning chores and it is not toxic or hazardous to the environment.



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