Health And Nutrition Lesson Plan Aids

The below lesson plan objective is geared toward second grade students. It meets the Arkansas Frameworks on Health and Nutrition. The objective is to teach students about nutrition and how to be healthy. students will be able to read food labels, choose healthy foods, and discover fun exercise routines. I have provided lesson aids to help me teach second grade students about health and nutrition. Below I have provided a website, worksheet, quiz, and game that students can learn from. I used some helpful and reliable information from Nutshell Nutrition to set this up. Generally, the information from this site has been very helpful to a lot of people who want to live a healthy life.

An interactive website for students: This website has games that students can play to teach them about healthy foods and fun exercise activities. It also lists several activities and worksheets that students can do during class time. This website is a great interactive activity for students to use to play games as well as for the teacher to use for classroom activities.

Below is a worksheet that the students can do to check to see if they are doing enough to be healthy. This worksheet can be used to find out each students prior knowledge on health and nutrition. It can also be used to see how much they have learned after a lesson on health and nutrition. It is a worksheet that I feel should be used to only help students grow and learn about healthy lifestyles. students will answer the questions to the best of their ability. They don’t have to share any of the information from the worksheet to anyone. It is just an activity to help them decide if they are healthy enough and active enough in their lifestyles. It is a tool to help students evaluate themselves and find ways to change there habits.

Food Bingo is a game that teaches students about healthy choices for snacks. It teaches them there are many different kinds of fruits and vegetables they can eat that are healthy. You will need to do a lesson on fruits and vegetables so that students will be able to recognize what they are before playing the game. Also you may need to model how to play the game to ensure that all students understand how to play the game. There are steps and rules listed below for the Food Bingo game.


  1. Before the day of the lesson cut out several different kinds of fruits and vegetables out of magazine pictures. Glue the pictures onto a piece of construction paper to make Bingo cards. You will need to put four rows with four pictures on each row. Make enough Bingo cards so that each student can have one; or for a small group activity that allows 3-4 players.
  2. Next make cards with names of all the fruits and vegetables you used on your Bingo cards for the caller to call out. You may want to place a picture on the card along with the name of it. When a child gets 4 in a row they say Bingo.
  3. When a student Bing’s they will get a sticker, so make sure you have plenty of stickers. I prefer to use stickers of fruit and vegetables to support the learning of the lesson. Use rewards other than food to stimulate students to learn.


A small group of 3-4 students will play Bingo as a learning activity center. One student will need to be the caller. The players will pick a card. As the caller call out a card the players will place a bingo chip on the picture if they have it. Once a player gets 4 in a row they call Bingo. They are the winner of the game. The winner will then become the caller and start a new game. Students will play until the teacher calls time.

Quiz on Health and Nutrition

  1. Name some things we can do to help our bodies stay healthy?
  2. What kinds of food help keep us healthy?
  3. Is sleep important for our bodies?
  4. Should we eat a lot of sweet foods?
  5. Why shouldn’t we eat a lot of sweet foods?
  6. What is your favorite food to eat that is a healthy food?
  7. What does a fruit grow on?
  8. What does a vegetable grow on?
  9. What food group is cheese in?
  10. What food group is chicken in?

Answers: 1. exercise, eat healthy, sleep, brush our teeth, and take a bath and wash our hands. 2. fruits, vegetables, meat, milk and bread. 3. yes. 4. no. 5. not good for us, causes cavities. 6. any answer but sweet foods and snacks. 7. trees or vines. 8. the ground 9. milk or dairy group 10. meat group

There are many activities that can be used to help students in second grade learn about health and nutrition. The above mentioned are just a few examples that can be sued to help students learn.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.