Find A Good Carpet Cleaning Company

There are those times when we need emergency carpet cleaning. For instance if the pipes sprung a leak and the family room carpet got soaked or our nephew Jimmy spilled red wine all over your new living carpet during a family dinner. And then there are those times, when we’re expecting out of town company and we realize that the carpet in the guest room looks fifty years old and really needs a good carpet cleaning. This is also the time of year to do some cleaning before the fall holidays and our carpets might need a bit of fluffing and cleaning from those long summer days with sand and dirt being tracked in from the outdoors.
In Madison County Indiana, we are fortunate to have several really good family owned carpet cleaning companies and a couple of franchise chains that have good reputations. I spent an hour or so calling to talk with the following carpet cleaning companies on their prices and to get an estimate on an imaginary family room that needed pet deodorizing. The following information should help you find a good carpet cleaning company that you can afford. All of them were referred to me by friends and family when I asked for their favorite Apartment cleaning services in Chicago.

Stanley Steemer is one of those national carpet cleaning franchises that has been owned and operated by the same family since 1947. Located at 4301 S. Ridgeview Rd in Anderson, 765-643-7392. They do not subcontract out their services but use employees that are closely supervised and well trained. There system is a hot water extraction carpet cleaning system, with an excellent Spot Remover and Odor-Out trademarked products that are available as needed.

The employees and cleaners will move all furniture as needed and replace after cleaning the carpet, leaving you free to enjoy the clean fresh carpet after they finish. A 12 by 18 family room carpet cleaning with spot cleaning and deodorizing will run about $80.00, making them a reasonably priced alternative. You can schedule your carpet cleaning with a two or three day notice in most instances. Their website is

Captain Clean is a locally owned and operated carpet cleaning company that has been in business since 1984. The owners Darrell and Cynthia Moody use a truck mounted, state of the art, hot water cleaning process and use organic cleaners with no harsh chemicals. As carpet cleaning professionals, Mr. Moody can adjust heat extraction ranges for various types of carpets. They will move most furniture and replace it and they state that while they can give an over the phone estimate, they would prefer to analyze the carpet and make sure that they are prepared to provide the best service possible for your carpet.

For my 12 by 18 room, a carpet cleaning by Captain Clean will run me about $75.00 with deodorizing. Very reasonable compared to the national chain prices. You can call 765-644-3114 to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment.

Heaven’s Best is another family owned and operated carpet cleaning company. I spoke to Mr. Benny Wilt, the owner and operator of this newer family owned business. Their add in the phone book was quite catchy with clouds and heavenly writing and they came recommended from a family friend who had used them.

Mr. Wilt was quite helpful on the phone and eager for my business. He bid my imaginary carpet cleaning job at $65.00 with the deodorizing included. When I “confessed” that I was writing an article, he was quite friendly and said he still stood by his price! He is newer in the business however and still trying to build a customer base. At that low of a price, he could get quite a few new customers. You can check out them out at or schedule a cleaning at 765-644-7480

Jones Carpet Pros Carpet Cleaning Company has 20 years of satisfied customers or so they claim. They offer a 24 hour emergency service and emergency water extraction for those floods and fire damage. Owner and operator Rob Jones told me he’d do my carpet for $75.00, again right in the ballpark for the area. They use a steam cleaning system and offer special rates for carpet cleaning in rental properties and rental apartments as well as commercial sites. Call 765-643-6100 to schedule a carpet cleaning with the Carpet Pros!

Edmonson’s Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning, Inc. specializes in residential services. When I talked to them and asked them why should I use them instead of their competitor, their sales person was well prepared. She stated that they use only the top notch organic cleaners, the best mobile cleaning truck and plant including bringing their own soft water and power! They are family owned and operated and have been in business in the area since 1956. That is pretty impressive. Mr. Bill Massey is the owner and Master Cleaning Technician and apparently the man is a carpet cleaning whiz! This company was the most recommended by my friends and neighbors in the area. But they were also the most expensive.

$80 to 90 for my basic carpet cleaning and another $20 to $40 if the carpet needed certain deodorizing or spot cleaning. When I questioned the price, she said, We’re worth it. We can extend the life of your carpet by five years with good maintenance and cleaning.

I really do have a family room carpet that I need to have cleaned, but have been waiting till closer to November to have it cleaned before the holidays. Now that I’ve done the research, I just have to choose the best carpet cleaning company from the five above. They all sounded nice, professional and pleasant when I spoke to them on the phone and all the prices were in the same ball park figure except for Edmonson Carpet Cleaning. You know what they say though. You get what you pay for. So maybe I should listen to my caller from Edmonson and hire them to clean my carpet.



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