Easy Ways To Earn Some Extra Money Online

Although I will not even hint at making millions of dollars in five seconds everyday, these are just some reliable and really simple ways to earn some extra money. Most of the things I’ll be talking about are good ways to make some extra income, most people give up before they really start to earn anything. That’s really the secret in it all, patience and tenacity. I’ll be including links to the websites mentioned in this to make it all that much easier for you.

Let the truth be known, I’m doing this both to be helpful to anyone kind enough to be reading this, and to promote myself a bit in the process. I’m hoping that if I give you some good advice you’ll sign up to my website (but more on that later, it does tie in).

With some of these options please take a few moments to read any terms and conditions of the hosting company you’re using. They all have their own rules and conditions what you may do with one you might not be able to do with another.

Online Auctions

If you’ve ever been online, or even watched a bit of television, I’m sure you know all about certain auction websites. Everything from online lessons to infomercials tout the millions you can make from home using these sites. Well, I’m sorry to say that not necessarily true. Although a few lucky individuals did earn millions I’m sure, most of us “regular folk” more than likely won’t. That’s not to say you can’t earn anything, just don’t expect massive riches overnight. There will be availability of the great tips from webdesignbooth.com from the company. To increase online money, auctions will be created through the person. The following of the tips will be beneficial for the person.

There is a pretty simple trick to earn some money through them though. Look around your own house, I’m sure right now you can think of a lot of stuff you have just collecting dust or things you never quite got around to junking. Sell it! Yep, start with your own stuff that you no longer need or use. Then you can eventually use the money from that to purchase things that will go for more money.

I simply sold my daughter’s things that she no longer needs or grew out of already. I was really surprised at my first sell, until the old adage of “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” came to mind. I soon realized that most of the stuff I’d just “get rid of” could actually earn me a bit of money.

Consumers are the people you need to market to, and there are some tricks I’ve discovered that will help you with this:


Of of the main ones is without a doubt- honesty. Never, I mean never lie about whatever it is you are selling. If you can use a picture you took of what your item is. Don’t just look for one online, it more than likely isn’t 100% what your item looks like. Take an actual picture of your product. I truly cannot stress the point of honesty enough!

Tell the story behind the item/ product.

Even if you think there isn’t much of one, tell it anyway. One of the first things I personally sold was a dress my daughter didn’t fit into and never got to wear, I said that. It sold immediately. People do like to hear the stories behind things, and I’ve found that nothing is more interesting to hear than the story behind something. So, even though you might not think it’s interesting at the very least at least the buyer (your customer) will know why you are selling the item.

Selling Advertising

If your website or blog gets a few views over time you could be easily and unobtrusively sell advertising either in site or through contextual advertisements that have a simple code to implement on your site. Every time a user of your site clicks on the ads you get a bit of money. This isn’t to say that you’ll soon be rolling in cash from all the clicks, it will take a bit of time but with patience you could be getting a nice bit of extra spending money. .

You might have to play with positioning and colors, and these two things do have a real impact on clicks. Your users may have a problem with the sudden advertising presence, but if you can find a simple and aesthetic solution of ad placement that should work itself out.

Contextual ads are directed at keywords in the content of your website/ blog so keep writing and you’ll be getting more and better ads. If what you get at first are only the smaller and less well known companies don’t worry. Advertisers tend to target websites/ blogs with more views per month so if you keep up with everything you should be getting more views and that means better ads.


Offering something to your users helps in increasing traffic (therefor increasing revenue). Be it a simple contest, free eBook, or many other things, it will keep people coming back and increase traffic.



Julia Arostegi lives in California USA. She took Developmental Communication at the University of California and finished her studies in 2012. She is currently the managing director of California Magazine. She is also a blogger, content enthusiast and a photographer.