Starting Your Own Coffee Roasting Business

Starting your coffee roasting business is a really complex and lengthy process but once you are into this business you will find that there are tons of things that are really interesting and lucrative about this business. In this article, we are going to talk about the different steps that you need to follow in order to start with your coffee roasting business right from choosing your wholesale nuts supplier Singapore to set up your delivery system.

  • Coffee Shop education
    You should start by introducing your coffee roasting service to your target coffee shops as you offer them free samples that will allow them to try out your coffee on their customer and see the results.
    You should also offer flexibility within your roasts and should educate your vendors so that they can demonstrate your product and influence the coffee shop owners about the quality and taste of your products.
    On your part, you should learn about the different things that you need in order to start a coffee business that will help you in focusing on the points that are necessary in order to start your coffee roasting. That way you will be able to connect with your target audience more effectively that will help you with your sales as well.
    Lastly, as you introduce your product to your coffee shop partners make sure that introduce your product in detail and tell them all about the production process so that they see you a credible supplier. Also, you should try to connect with your wholesale buyers as much as possible as well.
  • Quality Coffee
    Now that you are ready with the basics of starting your business you should focus on the roasting process so that you can get the highest quality coffee that you can deliver. For that, you should start by taking roasting classes that will help you in understanding the different tastes and texture that each type of roasting offers.
    Once you are fluent with the roasting process you can start creating custom blends for your customer. This will significantly boost your business over time. This way you will be able to attract more and more customers as well.
    Moreover, you can also start experimenting with different coffee flavors so that you can create better-tasting coffee products that will help you with your business.
    Thereafter, you should start focusing on your sourcing process and you should try to make that as transparent as possible. This will improve the credibility of your brand.

  • Building your Relationships
    Lastly, you should focus on building your relationship with your partners and your buyers as that way you will be able to grow your business and will get more offers over time. You should also focus on becoming the one stop shop for your buyers by offering them a variety of products that they need.
    You should also pay attention to small coffee houses so that you can build your relationship with them. That will allow you to build a positive relationship with them so that you become their first preference as they place their orders.
    Lastly, you should communicate with your existing customers so that you can get their valuable feedback and suggestion that will help you in improving your quality.

A 3D Printed Titanium Jawbone Transplant

One thing about working in technical services for a large company is that I got to see and experiment with some fairly advanced technology. I was in charge of maintaining and improving engraving and printing equipment primarily in a rotogravure print setting though we also did some offset printing. 3D printing is something I investigated for making print cylinders, linear guide, and plates. As I learned more about 3D printing I discovered we could easily use the technology to fabricate intricately shaped parts for our specialized equipment.

A 3D printer can produce a single part at far less cost than traditional methods which often required months in lead time and thousands of dollars for design, sand casting, and machining. I could design a worn or broken part with 3D CAD and print out the part or contract the work to a business with more suitable equipment. If we view the human body as a very fine biological machine then it is easy to consider printing a replacement body part. An 83-year-old woman recently had her lower jawbone replaced by a specially printed titanium replacement. This is how it was done and what we can look for in the future.

The problem

The elderly woman had an infection of the lower jawbone that did not respond well to treatment and had to be removed. Traditional microsurgical reconstruction wasn’t considered feasible due to her age. It was decided to replace the entire lower jawbone with a 3D printed replacement. The project was a joint effort between the University of Hasselt, Belgium, several other colleges, Xilloc Medical BV, The Netherlands (3D design), and Layerwise, Belgium, who did the actual additive printing. You can get more details on the participants and procedure here.

The solution

The replacement jawbone is designed to mesh perfectly with the existing bone structure. The information available doesn’t specify but I’m assuming CT scans were used to achieve correct dimensions and shape. Such scans have been used to make models that help surgeons better prepare for delicate surgical repairs. Titanium powder was printed at 33 layers per millimeter and precision fused by laser. The titanium jawbone has holes and grooves to guide the regrowth of muscles, nerves, and veins. The finished implant was coated with the artificial bone (bioceramic) by plasma spray application. I find the plasma application especially interesting because it is exactly the same method we used to treat certain drive cylinders for paper web handling equipment.

The outcome

The custom-fit implant allowed for shorter surgery time. Within hours the woman was able to speak and swallow and had natural jaw movement. After four days the woman was able to leave the hospital. A future procedure will add teeth. The implant is slightly heavier than the original bone structure but should cause no problems.

The future

There have been limited application of 3D printed body parts, mostly partial implants. The transplant of a full bottom jawbone opens up more possibilities for the future. There is even some interest in printing human tissue and organs. All you need is the right “ink.” My body is wearing out. I think I’ll volunteer.

Mirror’s Edge Review

Welcome to, yet again, another one of my game reviews my last review about Fortnite shop today was really appreciated as well. Today I will be discussing the game Mirror’s Edge. Though I played this game and beat it within a week, it still definitely has some replay value due to its “Time Trials” mode where players attempt to complete a map by reaching a certain amount of checkpoints with the fastest time.


The game is filled with bright colors, whether it is your “Runner Vision” which emphasizes pieces useful for progression. Some pipes, ramps, ladders, and doors are highlighted in red as Faith, your character, approaches, allowing the player to instantly recognize paths and escape routes. The main colors of the skyline in the city are a blank white with some signs being neon green, orange, and bright red. It’s an almost futuristic metropolis and was a nice feature in the game for me.


The fighting system is also interesting because you can progress extremely far in the game without touching a single weapon. In fact, it’s possible to beat the game without even using one! You can use your fists to batter off offending police officers and such. I got to a point in the game where my mental state of mind was that I never needed a weapon and I was completely invincible. Yeah, no. I finally decided to grab a gun off of an officer and try my luck, mind you this was 3/4 through the game so I had gone fairly far, well I found this to be extremely easy and make it a lot more efficient to mow down the cops. Although I didn’t get the achievement for not using a gun the entire game, it did make things significantly easier. Also, the heavier gun you are carrying, the more it slows down Faith, so pick your guns strategically.


The next element I am going to talk about will be the storyline. It’s very intriguing and interesting for sure. The main plot is that someone murdered a candidate for mayor and blamed it on your sister, a police officer, now you have to figure out who framed her and bring her to justice. I will say that this is definitely an action-filled adventure that will leave you wanting more.


Now that we have the storyline covered, let’s discuss the mechanics. You Hardcore parkour everywhere, every day, so hard as fast as you can and forever. Ao, it’s like you are wall-running, under-barring, ladder-climbing action all over the place!


Anyhow, this game is totally worth the $20, $13, or $15 bucks (Depending on console) or however much it costs.

House-Training Your New Puppy

Puppies are loads of fun. They are playful, cuddly, and cute. Most people love puppies. But most people do not love training their puppy to use the restroom out of doors. It doesn’t have to be too difficult. Here are some guidelines to help you house- train your new puppy.

When you bring your new puppy home it is tempting to take him/her into your home, turn them loose, and let them run and play all over the place. After all, puppies are cute and playful. But if you want to make it easier on yourself you will avoid doing this. Dog Myths about the home training will be nullified through the experts. Keeping of the dogs indoor will not invite smell and dirt in fact there will be safety for the person.

The first thing that you should do when you bring your puppy home is to take him/her on a long walk. This serves two purposes. One, it helps your puppy to relax. Going to a new home can be stressful on your new pup. Walking helps to calm him, which makes him less likely to have an accident when he gets indoors. Two, walking stimulates your pup to use the restroom. Since he is relieving himself on the walk he is unlikely to need to relieve himself on your floor.

After a good walk of about thirty minutes or so, you can bring your pup into his new environment. It is best when you first bring the new pup home to have one room designated for you to spend time with him in. It is important to limit his space at first so that you are able to monitor him at all times, which prevents accidents.

This does not mean that your pup will never be able to be in the rest of the house. It simply allows you to know his movements and be there to support his needs. For example, if your pup needs to use the restroom when he is in the kitchen, but you are in the bedroom what do you think will happen? Right, there will be a mess to clean up. If you are there with him you can get him outside before it is too late.

Of course there will be times when you can not be with your pup. At these times you will want to place him, in a quiet area in your home, inside a dog crate. This will prevent him from getting into trouble or injuring himself. Make sure that as soon as you remove him from the crate you take him for a nice walk so that he may relieve himself outside. But do not leave a pup in a crate for extended periods of time. He will not be able to hold his bladder for too long.

Some other key times to make sure your pup gets outside are after eating or drinking, after vigorous play, and after napping. Be consistent, regular routines work best. And remember that accidents will happen. When they do it is imperative that you do not overreact or get angry. This will not help! The most important thing is to get the mess cleaned up fast and thoroughly. Your local pet store offers many products that are designed to neutralize odors. This is important as a deterrent to future marking. The best deterrent for marking, however, is spaying or neutering your dog before they are 6 months old.

Your new puppy will bring great joy into your home. Walk your pup several times a day, monitor him when he is indoors, and be consistent. Following these tips you will have the tools you need to help your puppy be successful with house-training. If you are adopting an older dog you may also use these same guidelines when training him/her to use the restroom outside. Enjoy your new pup!

Easy Ways To Earn Some Extra Money Online

Although I will not even hint at making millions of dollars in five seconds everyday, these are just some reliable and really simple ways to earn some extra money. Most of the things I’ll be talking about are good ways to make some extra income, most people give up before they really start to earn anything. That’s really the secret in it all, patience and tenacity. I’ll be including links to the websites mentioned in this to make it all that much easier for you.

Let the truth be known, I’m doing this both to be helpful to anyone kind enough to be reading this, and to promote myself a bit in the process. I’m hoping that if I give you some good advice you’ll sign up to my website (but more on that later, it does tie in).

With some of these options please take a few moments to read any terms and conditions of the hosting company you’re using. They all have their own rules and conditions what you may do with one you might not be able to do with another.

Online Auctions

If you’ve ever been online, or even watched a bit of television, I’m sure you know all about certain auction websites. Everything from online lessons to infomercials tout the millions you can make from home using these sites. Well, I’m sorry to say that not necessarily true. Although a few lucky individuals did earn millions I’m sure, most of us “regular folk” more than likely won’t. That’s not to say you can’t earn anything, just don’t expect massive riches overnight. There will be availability of the great tips from webdesignbooth.com from the company. To increase online money, auctions will be created through the person. The following of the tips will be beneficial for the person.

There is a pretty simple trick to earn some money through them though. Look around your own house, I’m sure right now you can think of a lot of stuff you have just collecting dust or things you never quite got around to junking. Sell it! Yep, start with your own stuff that you no longer need or use. Then you can eventually use the money from that to purchase things that will go for more money.

I simply sold my daughter’s things that she no longer needs or grew out of already. I was really surprised at my first sell, until the old adage of “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” came to mind. I soon realized that most of the stuff I’d just “get rid of” could actually earn me a bit of money.

Consumers are the people you need to market to, and there are some tricks I’ve discovered that will help you with this:


Of of the main ones is without a doubt- honesty. Never, I mean never lie about whatever it is you are selling. If you can use a picture you took of what your item is. Don’t just look for one online, it more than likely isn’t 100% what your item looks like. Take an actual picture of your product. I truly cannot stress the point of honesty enough!

Tell the story behind the item/ product.

Even if you think there isn’t much of one, tell it anyway. One of the first things I personally sold was a dress my daughter didn’t fit into and never got to wear, I said that. It sold immediately. People do like to hear the stories behind things, and I’ve found that nothing is more interesting to hear than the story behind something. So, even though you might not think it’s interesting at the very least at least the buyer (your customer) will know why you are selling the item.

Selling Advertising

If your website or blog gets a few views over time you could be easily and unobtrusively sell advertising either in site or through contextual advertisements that have a simple code to implement on your site. Every time a user of your site clicks on the ads you get a bit of money. This isn’t to say that you’ll soon be rolling in cash from all the clicks, it will take a bit of time but with patience you could be getting a nice bit of extra spending money. .

You might have to play with positioning and colors, and these two things do have a real impact on clicks. Your users may have a problem with the sudden advertising presence, but if you can find a simple and aesthetic solution of ad placement that should work itself out.

Contextual ads are directed at keywords in the content of your website/ blog so keep writing and you’ll be getting more and better ads. If what you get at first are only the smaller and less well known companies don’t worry. Advertisers tend to target websites/ blogs with more views per month so if you keep up with everything you should be getting more views and that means better ads.


Offering something to your users helps in increasing traffic (therefor increasing revenue). Be it a simple contest, free eBook, or many other things, it will keep people coming back and increase traffic.

Top 3 welding boots for this year

Feet protection is absolutely important for a welder to keep ankles and feet safe from burns caused by frequent heavy sparks. Whether you run a welding workshop or a welder yourself, you should be extremely careful about getting the right welding boots for a safe working environment. Now, there is no dearth of welding boots around but then not all would be equally great for you. However, no worries, here is a list of some of the best boots for welders.

Timberland Pro

You have a sturdy welding boot here which boasts steel-toe and has been developed in strict compliance with ASTM standards. The boot further sports rubber and leather sole construction which is strongly resistant to oil, slipping and abrasion. Despite such a heavyweight design, the Timberland number is pretty lightweight as well as flexible to ensure maximum comfort and operational efficiency for the wearer.

It’s to note here, the boot also houses a smart antimicrobial lining, metatarsal shield and super comfy polyurethane footbed in closed-cell design. Yes, the price point is slightly on the higher side but when you look at the advanced design, every penny is worth for this boot.

Major pointers about Timberland Pro:

  • Strong rubber and leather construction
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Metatarsal guards
  • Polyurethane footbed that promises added comfort

Iron Age IA5016 Ground Breaker

Talk about the best of welding footwear in the market and the Iron Age IA5016 makes its mark with élan. Both users and experts have talked at length about the solid durability and protection the boot offers to ensure optimum feet safety in a high-intense welding environ. The Iron Age number sports a bunch of advanced protection features, including steel-toe cap, 100% leather on upper front, slip-resistance synthetic sole, electric hazard insulation as well as metatarsal guard. And yes, the boot is fully compliant with the ASTM-F-2413 standards. 

To ensure superior durability, the Iron Age boot is backed by premier Goodyear welt backup as well as Kevlar stitching. Thanks to its 6.5” of arc, users will always get good ankle support here and the gel pads inside assure great cushioning. 

Major pointers about Iron Age IA5016 Ground Breaker

  • Designed especially for solid injury protection
  • Excellent durability
  • Metatarsal guard
  • Compliant with OSHA standards

Caterpillar Second Shift

The list would be incomplete without the mention of this macho from Caterpillar. 

To start with, this is one among the versatile welding boots you will find in the market today. It’s backed by cutting-edge Goodyear welt design which assures 100% full-grain leather, steel-toe guard as well as slip-resistance traction sole. 

Then, it’s to note here, the boot is lined by nylon mesh to ensure added comfort and breathability. Additionally, it assures breezy odor control with Climasphere insole. Thanks to the boot’s conventional outlook, you can also double it up as your everyday boots- apart from sporting it for your welding workshop. The boot has received brownie points for solid durability and protection.

Major pointers about Caterpillar Second Shift

  • Metal toe-guard assures solid protection
  • Versatile welding boot
  • Slip-resistance traction sole

So, which one would be your pick?

Why This Teen Thinks Parents Should Spy On Their Kids

Growing up and becoming a teenage mother, I often wish my mother had spied on me. It wasn’t easy being a high school student and dealing with peer pressure as well as having a single mother who worked all the time. There were a lot of days when I wouldn’t even see my mother before bedtime. No one to help with homework, cook us dinner, or just sit and listen to our boy problems and give us advice. Therefore, my sister and I relied on our friends for advice and comfort.

It began around the age of 14 when I became sexually active and my mother didn’t have any idea. Sure, I had evidence in my room and backpack, but she was never home to know what was going on. Sneaking out wasn’t even something I had to do. If I wanted to do something, I would just tell my mother, but with her being at work, she had no way of knowing. So, I would go to parties, hang out with boys, drink, and smoke pot. It was also around this time that I was having sex.

When I was 15, I became pregnant, and the first thing my mother asked was HOW? WHEN? She blamed herself for not being around enough and often times I blame her as well. Not that I didn’t love my baby, but being a teenage mom was not easy and not anything I would recommend to any young girls.

I am now 30 and have 4 kids of my own. I am fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with them but with the cost of living today, not everyone has that option. The one thing I wish my mother had done was snoop and ask more questions and follow me. It’s not that I was a horrible kid or got into trouble, I just made a lot of bad decisions. I would have been mad at my mother for spying, but I would have gotten over it and probably made better life decisions.

There is a degree to which spying is acceptable. Parents should know what their children are doing in school. They should know who their children are hanging around with, and where they are going AT ALL TIMES! It is so easy to get trapped by peer pressure, but being a parent who stays on top of everything is invaluable.

I am doing the same from my kids by keeping a strict watch on their activities right from a young age without interfering in their privacy and always tell them to keep their smartphones on whenever they go out along with a useful app that can track it in case it is lost or stolen, which I learnt from https://spyphonetools.com/how-to/how-to-track-a-cell-phone-location-without-them-knowing/, so that I can track their location.

Parents should not be afraid to ask their children questions, have their friends over so you can get to know them, meet their parents. There are lots of tell tale signs of drug usage, and if you suspect it, by all means, SPY! It will save your children’s lives. They will be mad at first, but as they grow up they will understand and at some point in their lives they will thank you.

I don’t think parents need to invade their children’s privacy, but there are different ways to know what your children are doing. It all comes down to open communication. Children don’t want to be judged by their parents but guided. I think that so many situations can be avoided if parents only look harder and try to be parents instead of friends with their children. It is our job to be parents and teach our children right from wrong as well as consequences of their actions.

All About Mixi, The Japanese Social Network Website

Social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook have become huge in America in recent years. While these sites also have plenty of foreign users, other countries have their own particular spins on social networking. A great example of this would be mixi, which is probably the number one networking site in Japan. With this article I hope to give some info that’s relevant for both students of Japanese interested in the service, as well as others who’re just curious about what foreign social networking sites are like.

Perhaps the biggest difference between mixi and its American counterparts is that the former is a more closed service – you can’t just register on your own, you need to be invited by a current member in order to be able to join. Mixi is so widespread that if you have any Japanese friends, chances are they’re on the site, so if you’re interested it would be a good idea to ask them for an invite. I was invited by a Japanese friend last year and have made several more friends through mixi. This is probably one of the coolest social network website. If you are fond of buying likes and followers on social media like the services offered by Buzzvoice, you can also apply those in Mixi. Nowadays, the number of likes and followers is a determinant how good your social media page is. So if you want to have an endearing page in your social media network, you can use services like Buzzvoice.

Once you’re actually on the site, you’ll notice some pretty big differences from Myspace or Facebook. The first being that the site design is a lot more uniform. You can’t customize your layout at all (like Myspace) or add applications to your page (a la Facebook). Despite this, if you have some Japanese ability the layout is very intuitive and easy to use. People also do not tend to use pictures of themselves on mixi for their avatars, instead using pictures of things like celebrities, manga, or scenery. Mixi *does* allow you to upload photo albums, and if a user has pictures of themselves more than likely they’ll have them there, but many have them locked away as friends-only. Also on the issue of privacy is the “footprints” feature: nobody can look at your profile without it being recorded in your account, so you can always see who’s been checking out your profile lately.


One of the main draws of the site is its blogging features, which are more developed than those of Myspace or Facebook. I find it’s also a lot more common for people to regularly update their diaries on mixi than on other networking sites. If you’re a student of Japanese it’s also a great way to practice. You can also upload pictures (as mentioned before), movies, write entertainment reviews, and even use a Last.fm-esque program to tell people what you’ve been listening to lately.

Finally, mixi also has a lot of communities to join, and I’ve found taking part of them to be one of the main ways to meet people on the site. Many communities have topics where you can post a simple introduction and greeting, and you’re bound to get some hits this way. There are also several communities dedicated to making foreign friends and cultural exchanges, which would be a good place to look if you’re a non-Japanese looking for Japanese friends. Several communities are also dedicated to certain cities/regions of the world, so you can try finding people who are a bit closer to home.

How to Get Started in Web Development

Hello, young web developers. This is Elli Starforce writing to you today about how you can get started in web development.

So, let’s go through all the different kinds of languages there are.

Markup Language

A markup language is a language used to describe the content it contains, generally using tags. HTML is the standard for a markup language. However, do to the inconsistency and sloppiness of HTML, the W3C created XHTML (eXtensible HTML) using XML, a language used to create another markup language. More on this can be found in my article about the differences between HTML and XHTML. Also, CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) is a technique used to separate the styling from the content. The language of the content available at the https://www.wavemaker.com/ site should be understandable to the person. Along with the computer language, there should be use of the simple language for the person. 

Client-Side Scripting Language

Ever heard of JavaScript? Well, that’s what this is. A client-side scripting language enables web pages to dynamically change. Without a client-side script, there wouldn’t be much to the web besides text, images, and various ways to position the two. There are many other client side scripts. ActionScript is used to make Adobe Flash elements. AJAX is used to load certain parts of pages without reloading the whole thing. VBScript and JScript are Microsoft’s client side scripts. But, although using a client side script gives a great user experience, there is no way to Put any security into it, as the user’s browser is the one interpreting the code. But to the rescue comes:

Server Side Scripting

When you are running an eCommerce site, you need to have a great amount of security built into everything you do. Server side scripting can accomplish that. There are several server-side scripts- PHP, Perl, CGI, Ruby, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, Coldfusion. They all vary in their functionality and uses. PHP is the most compatible and is evolving rapidly. Perl and CGI are old but can be useful still. Ruby has very simple syntax but in scripts, that can be good. ASP(Active Server Pages) is Microsoft’s original server side script that uses VBScript as a medium(on the server-side, yes) but only runs on Windows. JSP(JavaServer Pages) is Sun Microsystem’s server side script. It uses Java as a language, but it requires Sun Glassfish as a medium, and is not very widespread. ColdFusion is Adobe’s server-side script (pretty expensive). For more on ASP.NET, please view my article on Getting Started With The .NET Framework.

Then, you have databases. All databases use SQL(which doesn’t legitimately stand for anything) as a script to add, create, insert, delete, and modify objects and data. MySQL is the most widespread and works very well with PHP. Microsoft SQL Server is very functional with Windows-based servers. Oracle is the best bet for very large corporations. Others include: DB2, PostgreSQL, Access, etc.

After all that, you’ll need software to manage all your data.

First, you’ll need a good IDE(Integrated Development Environment) to edit your code.

Some good IDEs for various purposes include: NetBeans, Visual Studio, Eclipse, HTML-Kit, Notepad.

An office suite to keep track of things: OpenOffice.org, Microsoft Office.

A WYSIWYG(What you see is what you get) editor to make pixel-sizing operations easier on your eyes:

Microsoft Frontpage, Adobe Dreamweaver

An FTP client to get files up to the server without bothering with your host’s file manager: FileZilla.

Image editors to create good graphics: Paint.NET, Inkscape, GIMP.

SiteAdvisor so you can tell if you accidentally put bad advertisements: McAfee SiteAdvisor.

What We Want From The Next Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Pokémon is known for its highly interesting and thrilling RPG series, where you have games like Pokémon Sword & Shield; besides, they have also introduced an array of different types of spin-off-games, which have been quite successful and popular over the years. Back in the year 2005, Pokémon Company introduced a new series, by the name of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, where the players were given the power to control Pokémon for the first time ever. 

Ever since, the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series have gained tremendous popularity as they kept on adding new features to every single release. Are you a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon fan? Are waiting for something more interesting and thrilling? What exactly you want from the next Pokémon Mystery Dungeon?

Your Expectations from the New Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

The new Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game is promising a lot. This have certainly raised your level of expectations. Here is a brief insight on the expectations of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon fans from all over the world. 

  • Exploring an Open World:
    One of the main aspects of the new series that it would offer you a whole new world to explore with new characters, locations, foes, friends and not to mention; new Pokémon. There are many cool locations which have been introduced like Great Canyon, Mt. Thunder, Sky Tower and others. This entire new world could be explored within a matter of couple of minutes
  • A New and Exciting Story:
    This is another aspect which Pokeman fans are expecting. You wpuld love have a more interesting and exciting story line which would be more engaging. Ideally, you would want to relate what’s happening on the screen with real life scenario. This would add a whole new dimension to the game and make it more exciting, thrilling and enjoyable.
  • Hub-Worlds:
    There is a need for new hub-worlds for the players. The players have the option of visiting the post office from Pokeman Square for picking up new quests, they can visit a shop for buying different items and also visit other vendors. However, at least 4 new hubs need to be introduced in order to open up the game even more and to make it more exciting and interactive. 
  • RPG Leveling:
    Offering the players to do more and achieving more by completing dungeons will make the game more interesting and enjoyable. Expanding the RGG leveling system is another way to make this game more meaningful and offering the players a bigger goal and purpose. 

As far as the dungeon difficulty level is concerned, it can be designed around different levels of Pokeman, where the players would be required to meet different criterion, level 25 for an example in order to make progress to the next story. With the help of RPG leveling, it would also be possible to design a meta game, where stats and levels would mean something, for instance, the power to attack is important; however, there are certain dungeons, which can be designed, while keeping in mind that the players would require to design their team, which would be based upon a combination of defense and speed

In terms of expectations, the list can be end-less. There are lots of ways in which the game can be made more interesting and thrilling. It would be unfair on your part to expect that every single expectation of yours will be met in the next release; however, chances are that there would be a striking up gradation in terms of game’s feature, difficulty levels and other important aspects. 

Keep an eye on pokemongoaccshop to get hold of the latest.