CIT Group’s Bankruptcy May Cause Significant Economic Harm

The failure of CIT Group (CIT) may lead to a double dip recession. CIT’s bankruptcy filing, creditor approved or not, may lead to increased difficulties for small and midsize companies to get new loans or to extend existing lines of credit. CIT primarily lends to small and midsize companies, who also happen to be the biggest employers in the nation. Increased lending costs may lead firms reliant on CIT’s historically loose lending standards to downsize or go bankrupt. Despite the major cash infusions made by various government stimulus programs placed into effect during the credit crisis, small and midsize businesses still find it difficult to raise capital and rely heavily on borrowing from lenders to small business. Unlike large companies, these small and midsize firms do not have the same access larger companies have to the bond markets. The best bankruptcy lawyer san diego will protect the person from economic harm. The credit crises will overcome through the hiring of the best lawyer. The bond with the market will be strengthen  with intelligence.

More than anything else, CIT’s recent bankruptcy filing is indicative of the stress these small and midsized firms are in. CIT is failing because these companies, the largest employers in the nation, are unable to repay their loans. This may lead to continued stress in economic markets. This continued stress will surely lead to more job losses and a retreat from the recent market bounce.

At this point the government could insist on another financial stimulus in order to prop up the economy once again. Having said that, certain economists question the administration’s commitment to supporting financial markets, and the continued pressure to correct a budget deficit that grows wider every day. If the United States government were to work towards correcting the budget, massive stimulus programs would retreat and remove the lift to GDP that was presented by programs instituted during the last year, such as cash for clunkers and other programs. Removing these government stimulus programs would lead to a return to the recession through a decline of GDP, as both businesses and consumers are still cutting back on their spending.

In very real ways, the economy is still on shaky grounds. Fear presented by the CIT failure and the pain instituted on bond and shareholders, as well as on those firms reliant on loans by CIT Group, may cause quite a bit of additional harm to the economy. In fact, the role that CIT Group provided to the economy, by providing liquidity to small and midsize firms may need to be picked up by another company or government in order to restore stability. Whether the political will is present to institute lending to keep the job market moving will most likely contribute significantly to the answer regarding whether we are permanently out of this recession, or whether a double dip recession may be in our future.

Naturally Happy, Why African-Americans Have Decided to Wear Natural Hairstyles

You may have recently seen an abundance of afros lately. Thanks to African American women and men everywhere, they have embraced the natural textures of their hair. Natural hair is described as hair with no added chemicals. These chemicals break down the original structure of the hair strands. The alterations might include perms and relaxers. Most do not want the excessive use of curling irons, blow dryers, gels, and sprays.

Why is there an increase of these stylish natural hairdos? One conclusion one can draw is that each of these individuals has accepted their ethnicity as beautiful, and then those who have chosen to follow suit. For years African Americans natural locs have not always been seen as attractive. It appears we have made a step forward into acknowledging that black hair is beautiful despite its texture or length.

An African American with long straight hair was frequently seen as a sign of acceptance among other ethnicities especially African Americans. Observing many men and women, I can see how the standardization of beauty is affected by a particular hair type. This concept is rapidly fading. It is quite obvious that many of these men and women refuse to be judged by a minor physical aspect such as hair. On the contrary they have also used this aspect and turned it into a positive statement. There is a myth that only individuals with a afro-centric character wear their natural hair texture. The truth is there is only one requirement and that is to be yourself and to be confident. How to grow long hair men depends on your preference. But you should always go for something that you are confident and comfortable with.

Because the African American community is made up of all shades of color, hair texture also comes in a variety of forms. Some have waves while others may have tight coils. Neither one is better than the other, just different. The range in the hair textures show the diverse blend of many cultures.

There are a mixture of natural hair styles , each unique to fit one’s personality. It is not hair style but how the style is worn which brings out their personality. Some of the more popular styles are afro’s, braids, two-strand twists, long flowing waves, and dread locs.

Celebrity’s have also helped with the movement of natural textured hairdo’s. Singers such Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Kim Fields, Malcolm Jamal Warner, and India Arie, at one point have had an afro or dread locs. As you can see they still remained beautiful and it took nothing away from their worth or performance.

There is nothing wrong with those who still wish to chemically process their hair and wear traditional hairstyles. For the ones who want to wear their hair natural this just continues to show the broad range of styles available.

In order for someone to go natural they must be willing to accept themselves as beautiful despite the hair’s natural texture. It takes commitment and patience to ultimately be comfortable and achieve a desired look. Natural hairstyles are not for everyone, but for many its lower maintenance, less hair stress, and a celebration of heritage and beauty.

Making Money with Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

Let’s take a look at the statistics from the mobile marketing campaign that we spoke about in the last article. If you haven’t read that article I recommend you read it first.

Well, we spent $50 and made $35. That doesn’t sound too good, does it. Let’s see if we can figure out a way to make this profitable. Well, the first thing we can do to make this campaign more profitable is to set it up so that we target specific phones and send them to the correct landing page. This will allow you to make more money per signup if they are on an android, blackberry, or IPhone. By sending all the traffic to the feature phone landing page you only make $1.30 instead of $1.75 for the smartphones.

I did another test to see if this would generate more income and it did but not a great deal more. This test generated about $40 because of the higher payouts but it still didn’t make money. Let me give you the stats from this test.

There were 609 clicks from the android phone with 7 signups. There were 337 clicks from the feature phone with 20 signups. There were 54 clicks from IPhone with no signups.

What does all of this tell us? Well, for starters, there seems to be a great deal of people in the US with the android phone but they are more wary of submitting their email address. There were less people with feature phones but they are more willing to give their email address. People with IPhones just did not want to give their email address at all.

Now, we could do a test and just target feature phones without targeting the IPhone or the android phone. However, by doing that, the cost would go up to 7 cents per click instead of 5 cents per click.

Let’s think about this logically, we paid for 1000 clicks at 5 cents a click. That’s $50. We made $40. What if we had only paid 1 cent per click? We would have spent $10 and made $40. That would have been a very nice return on investment! Is there a way to only pay 1 cent per click and still only get targeted traffic?

What if you had a PHP script that could determine what type of phone the user had and determine what country the user was from? You would be able to send IPhone users to the IPhone landing page, android users to the android landing page and if they weren’t in the United States you could send them to a CPA offer for that user’s particular country. Of course, you would want to make sure that there were “work at home” offers available for the country that the user is from since your ad said “make money from home”.

Well, that is exactly what I did. I wrote a PHP script that determines the type of phone and the country the user is from.

There is one little problem though, there are no offers in other countries for working at home that I could find. Is there a way around this dilemma? You certainly don’t want to send someone to some other CPA offer that had nothing to do with what they thought they were getting. This would only upset the user and it wouldn’t give mobile advertisers a good name either!

In the next article, I’m going to offer the solution to this dilemma and give you the results of a very profitable mobile marketing campaign. See how our SEO services can help your business through the reviews and ratings at the site. The checking of the reviews will be beneficial for the business person to increase the rankings.

October’s Horoscopes for All the Zodiac Signs

Aries (Mar21/Apr20)

You’ve always been adventurous and you will never turn away from the chance to travel or broaden your experiences. If you can involve your partner or another loved one in these opportunities, so much the better. Partnership matters will demand quite a lot of attention. Underneath all that’s going on you’re searching for a real sense of meaning and you’re starting to feel your future happiness depends on whether a certain person is willing to be by your side. A person born in October should gather proper information about the abraj for love and romance. The future of the person will be excellent and happiness will be in the life of the person. 

Taurus (Apr21/May21)

This month, you will need something new and challenging to get your teeth into. If this means taking on extra responsibilities at work, so be it! Not everyone will understand why you are working so hard but do you really have to explain? As long as you’re happy that’s all that matters. Try not to listen to well meaning advice if it goes against what you feel inside, is right.

Gemini (May22/June21)

With emphasis on your love and romantic zone, your charisma and friendly nature will be helpful in all areas of your life. Your imagination and creativity will add fun to your business and social dealings. A meeting during the middle of the month will go far better than anticipated. If you have to prove your skills in any way, don’t let nerves get the better of you.

Cancer (June22/July23)

You might anticipate a really busy month ahead both in the home and in the workplace. There is a lot going on and people in all areas seem to be relying on your help or expertise. Home life is slightly chaotic but there are a lot of exciting things going on in this area. An old friend seems a little distant but they aren’t yet ready to tell you what’s on their mind.

Leo (July24/Aug23)

The best advice for you this month is to reply to emails, letters, text messages and the like, the moment they are received. Leave them for too long and they will never get dealt with. This could mean you miss out on some great social opportunities. Respond to a casual suggestion and this could lead to further communication and an eventual offer. When opportunity does strike, grab it immediately as the chance won’t be there for long.

Virgo (Aug24/Sept23)

You’ve always been patient and this is the quality other people will appreciate most this month. If things get chaotic in your working environment it will be your calm way that helps to smooth the path ahead. If you are shopping at any time this week, you will be going for quality rather than quantity. Others may want to go for the cheapest buy but they won’t persuade you to do likewise. Pleasing romantic developments will make for a relaxed end to the month.

Libra (Sept24/Oct23)

Sometimes you have to act quickly to take advantage of the best opportunities and this month is one of those times. Be prepared to make quick decisions, some on the spur of the moment. Hesitation could mean you lose out and someone else will gain what could have been yours. Trust your intuition, give a quick response and enjoy all the exciting moments this will bring.

Scorpio (Oct24/Nov22)

You’ve always been trustworthy and able to keep secrets. What’s difficult about a secret you have to keep this month is you really feel someone else has a right to know about it. It’s quite a dilemma and you may have to consult a professional before you decide on what to do. The end of the month is a good time for new starts in your personal life as the Sun moves into your sign.

Sagittarius (Nov23/Dec21)

You will never be bored this month; there is plenty to do with your time. You are never really short of ideas anyway. Because your thoughts are even more adventurous than usual, some of your more cautious friend may not be as positive as you are. You could find yourself mixing with lively, animated people as the month wears on. Be patient with loved ones who are wary about what you are doing and agree there are some things you will never agree on!

Capricorn (Dec22/Jan20)

You’re determined to get ahead and to achieve certain self set targets. Anyone who hasn’t seen you in this frame of mind is going to be surprised. Whatever you want, you will get it through sheer force of personality and belief that it should be yours! You’re earning yourself a good reputation of being professional, reliable and efficient. Nothing can get in your way.

Aquarius (Jan21/Feb19)

You may not have been planning it that way but there could be a lot of exciting things in store for you in October. Emphasis on your ninth house during the first half of the month places an accent on travel, long-term study and educational matters and any dealings you may have with people overseas. The downside, if there is a one to this month, is that an elderly relative is being stubborn and this will cause waves in the family.

Pisces (Feb20/Mar20)

Trust your own judgement, or better still, your intuition when it comes to financial and legal matters. If you feel it is time to make some changes in these areas, go with what your instinct is telling you. At work, the easiest days, this month, will be when you are dealing with tasks in which you have had a lot of experience. When trying anything new, it will seem complicated and time-consuming.

Top 5 Best Gravity Water Filter System

If you are looking for the best gravity water filter system, you are in the right place. Here are the top 5 brands that you can consider. 

BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System

If you are looking for a gravity water filter system that is best for fluoride removal., then BK4X2 Big Berkey is the best choice for you. It has two filter elements that can remove chemicals, sediments and even pathogenic microorganisms from contaminated water. At the stems of the Black elements, there are two fluoride post filters installed. It can bring the water purity to a higher level through the process of removing any fluoride in the water.  The only problem with this filter is that it has only small capacity (2.25 gallons).

Berkey BK4X2-BB Berkey Water Filtration System

Another reliable gravity water filter system is the Berkey  BK4X4-BB. There are several great things about this product. It has strong black berkey filter, stainless steel chambers and long filter life. It has also the ability to remove chemicals and microorganisms. It has filter elements that reduce the amount of heavy metals like mercury, lead and even plethora from your drinking water. This model is ideal for tap water as it can also remove almost 100 percent of all parasites, cysts, and pathogenic bacteria. 

Propur Big

While it is not one of the popular brands and models of gravity filters, Propur Big is certainly one of the few that have NSF reports. It is highly certified against NSF/ANSI protocol P231. And just like other gravity filters out there, this brand has also the ability to remove arsenic, lead, aluminum abd other contaminants. It a;so reduces fluoride and has stainless steel cha,bers. Another good thing about this brand is that it doesn’t require priming. Even though about 80 percent of calcium doesn’t make it past the filter, which is considerably less share, it has silver infused that can prevent the growth of bacteria in the chamber. This brand is sometimes compared to berkey. Berkey vs propur has always been themost common options. 

Alexapure Pro

Another gravity filter water that is best for your money is the Alexapure Pro Stainless Steel Water Filtration System. The filter elements of this bradn are made with a hybrid shell and a block core that both have the ability to reduce or remove more than 200 impurities, including chromium, lead and pharmaceuticals. It can reduce more than 99% of most contaminants. The exceptions were zinc and fluoride. Alexapure Pro has a capacity of 2.6 gallons and can hold a household of up to 5 people. 

Zen Water Systems countertop Filtration and Purification

Everyone is looking for an affordable countertop filter. Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration and Purification is your best option. It has large capacity with powerful ceramic filter and can produce alkaline water. The filter chamber is clear so you can easily check the water level. It has a holding capacity of 8 gallons so you won’t have to fill it up that often.

Advice for Renters: Do Not Ignore Signs of Black Mold in Your Apartment

Your landlord will tell you it’s nothing to be concerned about. The previous renters were smokers, he’ll say, and the walls have been permanently stained by nicotine. Or he’ll blame you for burning your scented candles, insisting that the smoke and soot they give off is the reason why everything is turning black. If you go through most of the condo reviews in Singapore, you would know that people often end up suffering because of one bad decision. 

The mysterious infestation appears to specifically target anything that contains even the slightest amount of plastic or vinyl. It attacks window blinds, computers, cups and dishes, plastic containers, trash cans, wall hangings and kitchen appliances, and that’s not all. It is not limited to any one room, and it lands wherever it can. This frighteningly curious invader gets into cupboards and closets, and will even make its way into the refrigerator and freezer, planting itself on ice trays, bottles and cartons, and even the inside walls of the refrigerator itself.

You notice dark streaks on the walls and ceilings. You take down a wall clock to change the battery, and are greeted by a black, circular mark where the clock was hanging. Your new, white vinyl window blinds suddenly display a discolored pattern that was not there before. You find yourself continually trying to remove the “dirt” from your belongings, but nothing short of full strength bleach does the trick. Or does it? Unfortunately, no. The bleach is simply a temporary fix. Within weeks, maybe even days, the mysterious black intruder has returned once again. The damn thing is alive. And it’s floating around your apartment, infecting the air that you are breathing and everything that you are touching.

This is not a fictitious horror story. It is reality. But what is this crazy thing that’s taken over your apartment? It is black mold, and don’t be foolish enough to believe anyone who tells you that it isn’t.

Black mold is extremely unhealthy and dangerous. It does serious harm to an individual’s respiratory system. Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, loss of energy, coughing up phlegm, vomiting, chest pain, back pain, skin conditions, panic attacks and anxiety, and the feeling that your lungs are collapsing are just some of the symptoms of being affected by black mold. And I have experienced them all, so I know of what I speak.

What can you do? Get out of there as soon as you possibly can. You are risking your health by staying. Repeated cleaning and shocking the fungus with bleach will not provide a permanent solution to the problem. The fact is that the entire structure of your residence needs to be gutted and rebuilt. Chemical treatments and other so-called professional remedies are scams, so don’t fall for them. There is only one solution. Do whatever is humanly possible to move out of that “house of horrors” before it’s too late. The effects of black mold can be fatal. Yes, black mold can kill you.

The possibility of permanent damage to your health, once you’ve escaped the clutches of black mold, depends upon length of exposure to the fungus, your own physical resistance, and the condition of your immune system. Most individuals return pretty much to normal after breathing healthy air for a time, while others suffer from related health problems for years to come. This is why it is critical, once you detect the presence of black mold in your apartment, to get away from it as soon as humanly possible.

Find A Good Carpet Cleaning Company

There are those times when we need emergency carpet cleaning. For instance if the pipes sprung a leak and the family room carpet got soaked or our nephew Jimmy spilled red wine all over your new living carpet during a family dinner. And then there are those times, when we’re expecting out of town company and we realize that the carpet in the guest room looks fifty years old and really needs a good carpet cleaning. This is also the time of year to do some cleaning before the fall holidays and our carpets might need a bit of fluffing and cleaning from those long summer days with sand and dirt being tracked in from the outdoors.
In Madison County Indiana, we are fortunate to have several really good family owned carpet cleaning companies and a couple of franchise chains that have good reputations. I spent an hour or so calling to talk with the following carpet cleaning companies on their prices and to get an estimate on an imaginary family room that needed pet deodorizing. The following information should help you find a good carpet cleaning company that you can afford. All of them were referred to me by friends and family when I asked for their favorite Apartment cleaning services in Chicago.

Stanley Steemer is one of those national carpet cleaning franchises that has been owned and operated by the same family since 1947. Located at 4301 S. Ridgeview Rd in Anderson, 765-643-7392. They do not subcontract out their services but use employees that are closely supervised and well trained. There system is a hot water extraction carpet cleaning system, with an excellent Spot Remover and Odor-Out trademarked products that are available as needed.

The employees and cleaners will move all furniture as needed and replace after cleaning the carpet, leaving you free to enjoy the clean fresh carpet after they finish. A 12 by 18 family room carpet cleaning with spot cleaning and deodorizing will run about $80.00, making them a reasonably priced alternative. You can schedule your carpet cleaning with a two or three day notice in most instances. Their website is www.stanleysteemer.com

Captain Clean is a locally owned and operated carpet cleaning company that has been in business since 1984. The owners Darrell and Cynthia Moody use a truck mounted, state of the art, hot water cleaning process and use organic cleaners with no harsh chemicals. As carpet cleaning professionals, Mr. Moody can adjust heat extraction ranges for various types of carpets. They will move most furniture and replace it and they state that while they can give an over the phone estimate, they would prefer to analyze the carpet and make sure that they are prepared to provide the best service possible for your carpet.

For my 12 by 18 room, a carpet cleaning by Captain Clean will run me about $75.00 with deodorizing. Very reasonable compared to the national chain prices. You can call 765-644-3114 to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment.

Heaven’s Best is another family owned and operated carpet cleaning company. I spoke to Mr. Benny Wilt, the owner and operator of this newer family owned business. Their add in the phone book was quite catchy with clouds and heavenly writing and they came recommended from a family friend who had used them.

Mr. Wilt was quite helpful on the phone and eager for my business. He bid my imaginary carpet cleaning job at $65.00 with the deodorizing included. When I “confessed” that I was writing an article, he was quite friendly and said he still stood by his price! He is newer in the business however and still trying to build a customer base. At that low of a price, he could get quite a few new customers. You can check out them out at www.heavensbest.com or schedule a cleaning at 765-644-7480

Jones Carpet Pros Carpet Cleaning Company has 20 years of satisfied customers or so they claim. They offer a 24 hour emergency service and emergency water extraction for those floods and fire damage. Owner and operator Rob Jones told me he’d do my carpet for $75.00, again right in the ballpark for the area. They use a steam cleaning system and offer special rates for carpet cleaning in rental properties and rental apartments as well as commercial sites. Call 765-643-6100 to schedule a carpet cleaning with the Carpet Pros!

Edmonson’s Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning, Inc. specializes in residential services. When I talked to them and asked them why should I use them instead of their competitor, their sales person was well prepared. She stated that they use only the top notch organic cleaners, the best mobile cleaning truck and plant including bringing their own soft water and power! They are family owned and operated and have been in business in the area since 1956. That is pretty impressive. Mr. Bill Massey is the owner and Master Cleaning Technician and apparently the man is a carpet cleaning whiz! This company was the most recommended by my friends and neighbors in the area. But they were also the most expensive.

$80 to 90 for my basic carpet cleaning and another $20 to $40 if the carpet needed certain deodorizing or spot cleaning. When I questioned the price, she said, We’re worth it. We can extend the life of your carpet by five years with good maintenance and cleaning.

I really do have a family room carpet that I need to have cleaned, but have been waiting till closer to November to have it cleaned before the holidays. Now that I’ve done the research, I just have to choose the best carpet cleaning company from the five above. They all sounded nice, professional and pleasant when I spoke to them on the phone and all the prices were in the same ball park figure except for Edmonson Carpet Cleaning. You know what they say though. You get what you pay for. So maybe I should listen to my caller from Edmonson and hire them to clean my carpet.

Sculpting, your 3D Alternative – How to paint

After doing all the posts about How To Paint, I realized not everybody is going to be able to jump right into art with a paint brush. Oil painting can take quite some time to get the hang of, I know I’m still learning. But one method of self expression I can wholeheartedly suggest to any newbie artist is sculpting.


In reality our brains constantly gauge distance and depth subconsciously without an effort on our part. We know, through pattern assessments, what effort it will take to walk from point A to point B, that the apple will look similar to the point of view we see it on the other side of it, and that people are full of curves, contours, and depth just by looking at them. We spend our whole waking and non-waking lives in the 3rd dimension. That’s why creating 3 dimensional art can be easier than on paper or canvas.

When we paint, we must give the illusion of depth and distance, thus making the artwork 3 dimensional in our minds. We worry about shadow and light, size and shape of objects, and how the viewer can perceive them to be real. When sculpting, nature takes care of all of this. Looking at a sculpture of a person, even an abstract representation of one, our minds make out what it is by just the basic shapes. All light and shadow exist naturally within the art object based on its curves, crevices, and formations. Instead of working to represent an object, you are actually making the object.


We all remember modeling clay when we were in kindergarten and how much fun it was to use. Unfortunately we moved on to sentences and basic math, and as we progress through school our left brain studies we neglected our creativity more and more. That’s just life, I suppose, but it would be a truly liberating feeling to be able to create like in kindergarten.

Of course modeling clay is ideal for school children because it never hardens and can be used again and again, like silly putty or other substances. I guess the next step up would PlayDough, remember that? For the novice artist or professional, one would need a much more stable material. Nowadays I use something called Stonex, a self-hardening clay. This is ideal for me, as I don’t need to heat it for it to dry, and it hardens nicely.

Of course there’s pros and cons to everything. Stonex can be extremely brittle and you must be very careful with it. When it dries sometimes it seems to dry too much. I showed a sculpture of a laying down person with the leg broken off and someone asked if it was a happy accident. I wouldn’t be happy if my leg suddenly broke off.

An alternative to Stonex could be Sculpey, a versatile artist’s clay. This you’ll need to heat in a regular oven at about 250 for about 10 minutes. Not too bad, just an extra step, but when it comes out it hardens nicely, and is nowhere near as brittle as Stonex. The only drawback for me with Sculpey is it’s properties. While Stonex is hard to the touch when working with it, Sculpey can be very soft and rubbery almost, thus it drags a little when you sculpt. But you can get used to it.

Stonex and Sculpey can both be bought at your regular arts and crafts store relatively inexpensive. The more into you get you may consider trying actual red clay or ceramics. These are usually not for novices as you’ll need access to a kiln to heat the clay at extremely high temperatures. With the high temperature comes risks as well, the higher the temperature the more chance of something going wrong. You’ll need the temperature just right, the amount of moisture in the material, and several other factors could lead to cracking and just not coming out right.

Methods and Tools of the Trade

Michelangelo said, “The sculpture is already inside the rock, all you have to do is remove the excess stone.” This was Michelangelo’s trade of choice. He didn’t consider himself a painter (looking at the Sistene ceiling I’d say he was a hell of a painter). His method was “subtracting” from stone with chisels and other materials, sanding out and detailing the finished product. This is extremely advanced and difficult. If you finish the whole thing then chip off the nose, that’s it. No nose for statue.

Carving into wood, or sculpting into terracotta are other subtracting methods. In my amateur methods I spoke of earlier, we kind of use a give and take, add and subtract method, which is why it’s so easy to learn and do. I use sculpting tools you can find at your arts and crafts store. Sometimes it’s best to try to use the bare minimum of tools, that way you just flow with the artwork and not have to worry about unnecessary too changes. One time I sculpted a whole piece with nothing but a steak knife. With a lack of materials, you can always find a way.

Another advanced method of adding would be to make molds and eventually fire the final product in bronze. This is a several step process and complicated and involves going from mold to sculpture back to mold again, and once again involves extremely high temperatures. Auguste Rodin used this method when making his bronze sculptures.

Pottery is another way you can sculpt and fairly easy. I went from Michelangelo to Rodin to clay pots, but I never said this article was linear. But hey, Picasso was also a potter. Pottery can be a very creative art. Once you have your pots and cups you can paint them how you like. It looks easy but I’m sure it’s harder than it looks. I had the opportunity to see someone making little clay teacups with a pottery wheel. I didn’t get to try it, but I almost asked if I could.

It being the first Friday of the month, I’m going to head up to Old City, Philadelphia where I saw this demonstration at the Clay Studio. They have a good exhibition each month and usually rotate artists and artwork monthly. My favorite was an exhibition of un-usable pottery. I know I probably butchered the title of the exhibit but basically it showed a whole bunch of bowls with holes in the bottom and half-cups and what-not. Pretty creative. The 3D informative sites like paintingkits.net will be useful site for the person to get knowledge about the paintings. Different pictures and videos will be available at the sites for providing information to the visitors. 

Lawn Mower Issues- Tackling the Obvious Steps

Everyone has their own ambitions at different phases of life that keep on changing from time to time due to a new set of circumstances so it is better to cross check and make your mind up before it is too late.

When you’re at home, you are confused at what you want to do and simply don’t want to sit idle so and given the recent corona virus lockdown all over the world, people have been completely confined to their houses in the past few weeks that it almost feels like house arrest.

Given the circumstances, it is a good opportunity to learn about a simple practice that every person should start learning right from childhood is gardening, which may seem tepid and tedious in the initial stages but there are many things that can be learnt from it.

Garden it Out

There was a time when people would learn the art of gardening right from childhood because they knew that it would prove useful to them in the future, especially families from the countryside.

Nobody can understand the basics of gardening better than them as it is their very lifeline and one reason why they take pride in calling themselves farmers who grow vegetables and crops in their field so that the citizens can survive.

Agriculture is an important basis that motivates people to take up farming as a profession and gardening is what you can call a miniature version of farming as it is confined to the lawns and gardens of your house.

Gardeningfreaks enjoy it as a hobby and have a popular pastime thinking of new innovative methods to make it more interesting as it is much more than planting seeds into the earth and growing fruits and vegetables for a living.

Lawn Mowing Technique

If you are really serious about looking after the plants, flowers and other flora and fauna in your garden and lawns, you would need some important things to help you out in this matter.

For starters, what you require are tools such as picks, shovel, axe, electric saws and most important of all: lawn mowers. Why so? Why is the mower the most important tool that you would need for lawns?

Quite simply, to get rid of the unwanted and overgrown grass in the lawn to make it look neat and tidy as that would help give the garden a fresh look after the plants and vegetables are plucked out and the place is cleaned.

Electric lawn mowers have sharp blades that are strong enough to cut through the roughest and harshest grass right down to its roots and without doing any damage to it.

Now, people who have just started out in gardening may find it difficult to believe but it is a fact which they can only understand if they try it out on their own. The initial stages may not be smooth but once you learn the basics, lawn mowing will seem like child’s play that anyone can do.

Fixing the Issue

Before starting out on mowing lawns, there is a problem that has to be dealt with where there have been many instances when electric lawn mowers don’t start up easily and it is one reason why many people give up on gardening after a few futile attempts.

So now we are going to talk about some important points on how to fix lawn mowers that won’t start up easily and they are as follows:

  1. The rope that is used to start the mower gets stuck at times and becomes hard to pull and it is because the engine brake is engaged and the bar that you are holding is stationary so make sure to bring it down to the handle before pulling the rope
  2. Fill up the mower with fresh gas as old ones are fading out due to passage of time so drain it out and fill it with new gas
  3. The mower stops in the middle due to various reasons such as long grass and dirty air filters being some so sort them out and try again
  4. If the oil chamber is overloaded, then the load can apply immense pressure and the mower will start smoking so call the experts and ask them to sort it out

Health And Nutrition Lesson Plan Aids

The below lesson plan objective is geared toward second grade students. It meets the Arkansas Frameworks on Health and Nutrition. The objective is to teach students about nutrition and how to be healthy. students will be able to read food labels, choose healthy foods, and discover fun exercise routines. I have provided lesson aids to help me teach second grade students about health and nutrition. Below I have provided a website, worksheet, quiz, and game that students can learn from. I used some helpful and reliable information from Nutshell Nutrition to set this up. Generally, the information from this site has been very helpful to a lot of people who want to live a healthy life.

An interactive website for students: www.MyPyramid.gov/kids. This website has games that students can play to teach them about healthy foods and fun exercise activities. It also lists several activities and worksheets that students can do during class time. This website is a great interactive activity for students to use to play games as well as for the teacher to use for classroom activities.

Below is a worksheet that the students can do to check to see if they are doing enough to be healthy. This worksheet can be used to find out each students prior knowledge on health and nutrition. It can also be used to see how much they have learned after a lesson on health and nutrition. It is a worksheet that I feel should be used to only help students grow and learn about healthy lifestyles. students will answer the questions to the best of their ability. They don’t have to share any of the information from the worksheet to anyone. It is just an activity to help them decide if they are healthy enough and active enough in their lifestyles. It is a tool to help students evaluate themselves and find ways to change there habits.

Food Bingo is a game that teaches students about healthy choices for snacks. It teaches them there are many different kinds of fruits and vegetables they can eat that are healthy. You will need to do a lesson on fruits and vegetables so that students will be able to recognize what they are before playing the game. Also you may need to model how to play the game to ensure that all students understand how to play the game. There are steps and rules listed below for the Food Bingo game.


  1. Before the day of the lesson cut out several different kinds of fruits and vegetables out of magazine pictures. Glue the pictures onto a piece of construction paper to make Bingo cards. You will need to put four rows with four pictures on each row. Make enough Bingo cards so that each student can have one; or for a small group activity that allows 3-4 players.
  2. Next make cards with names of all the fruits and vegetables you used on your Bingo cards for the caller to call out. You may want to place a picture on the card along with the name of it. When a child gets 4 in a row they say Bingo.
  3. When a student Bing’s they will get a sticker, so make sure you have plenty of stickers. I prefer to use stickers of fruit and vegetables to support the learning of the lesson. Use rewards other than food to stimulate students to learn.


A small group of 3-4 students will play Bingo as a learning activity center. One student will need to be the caller. The players will pick a card. As the caller call out a card the players will place a bingo chip on the picture if they have it. Once a player gets 4 in a row they call Bingo. They are the winner of the game. The winner will then become the caller and start a new game. Students will play until the teacher calls time.

Quiz on Health and Nutrition

  1. Name some things we can do to help our bodies stay healthy?
  2. What kinds of food help keep us healthy?
  3. Is sleep important for our bodies?
  4. Should we eat a lot of sweet foods?
  5. Why shouldn’t we eat a lot of sweet foods?
  6. What is your favorite food to eat that is a healthy food?
  7. What does a fruit grow on?
  8. What does a vegetable grow on?
  9. What food group is cheese in?
  10. What food group is chicken in?

Answers: 1. exercise, eat healthy, sleep, brush our teeth, and take a bath and wash our hands. 2. fruits, vegetables, meat, milk and bread. 3. yes. 4. no. 5. not good for us, causes cavities. 6. any answer but sweet foods and snacks. 7. trees or vines. 8. the ground 9. milk or dairy group 10. meat group

There are many activities that can be used to help students in second grade learn about health and nutrition. The above mentioned are just a few examples that can be sued to help students learn.